Lead from the Heart

Outer Success Through Inner Peace

Lead from the Heart

Outer Success Through Inner Peace

I help women who are hard-wired to want more, get the life they want and love the life they have.

Only when the psyche is transformed from an instrument of chaos to an instrument of love are our circumstances transformed from pain to peace. Our lives can only change when we change.”
– Marianne Williamson

Recent Podcast Episodes

Nicole Moore is the founder of Love Works, a love and relationship coaching organization dedicated to helping women find true love, transform their relationships, and overcome mindset challenges that prevent them from building deeper, more meaningful relationships. She is a Certified Life Coach from New York University and has been featured in several publications such as Money Magazine.
Nicole joins me today to share her journey on how she became a highly successful love coach and how she helps powerful and influential women find their true love and overcome the mindset challenges preventing them from loving themselves. She explains how her programs were derived from her own personal challenges, explains what a “wound mate” is, and how to identify and use these experiences for your personal growth.

“You attract what you defend against.” – Nicole Moore

This week on She Rises:
• Learning how to love yourself and BE LOVE
• Filling personal voids to attract the love you want
• The importance of women learning how to evoke the love they desire from men
• The Emotional Leverage concept and why it’s important for women to focus on it
• Creating a space for a man to feel he has more love than he ever has
• The difference between being overly giving and having emotional leverage
• Understanding and addressing emotional shutdown periods

She Rises Actionable & Practical Tips:
1. Stop denying that the desire for love is there.
2. Get to a place you trust that you will have the exact love you want. Trust the end vision.

Stop Settling, Start RISING!

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Allison Crow – Doing It Your Way

She Rises Podcast by Giovanna Capozza Allison Crow
Doing It Your Way
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Allison has been coaching professionally and successfully for 12 years.  Before that she was a self-employed REALTOR and Teacher.  She has been studying personal development since she was 24 and has her Masters degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Myriam Llano – Love Your Body Well

She Rises Podcast by Giovanna Capozza Myriam Llano
Love Your Body Well
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Myriam Llano is an expert on the relationship between women and nourishment. She teaches women globally about nourishing the sacred feminine first, as a way to honor themselves; bridging the gap between emotional eating, nutrition, and spirituality. 

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Monica Day – Let’s Talk About Pleasure

She Rises Podcast by Giovanna Capozza Monica Day
Let's Talk About Pleasure
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Monica Day is obsessed with the areas of life that invite us to admit our deepest desires, stir our greatest passions, and face our most potent fears. As both a writer/performer and a coach/facilitator, she addresses the areas of race, gender, class, power, and sexuality in myriad ways. Ultimately, she sees these critical issues as holding the key to both our individual and collective freedom.

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Something to Think About: Healing Yourself

She Rises Podcast by Giovanna Capozza Something to Think About
Healing Yourself
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Healing is not only cured by medicine. Healing also takes place in the mind. We often underestimate the role the mind plays in our healing. Our higher state of consciousness has the ability to influence our health—and this is one topic that can be easily dismissed by mainstream medicine and health systems.

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Jodi Flynn – Women Who Take The Lead

She Rises Podcast by Giovanna Capozza Jodi Flynn
Women Who Take The Lead
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Jodi Flynn is the Founder of Women Taking the Lead, a podcast and community of ambitious entrepreneurial women who want to go BIG. She works with Type-A women who are already successful but have not yet achieved the level of success they want to achieve.

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Barry Paul Price – How to Date Men, Not Boys

She Rises Podcast by Giovanna Capozza Barry Paul Price
How to Date Men, Not Boys
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Barry Price is a Dating Mentor and Coachville-Trained Life Coach who used to help his single, successful Mom analyze her dates. He now supports heart-centered, six-figure female entrepreneurs to attract, date and maintain a relationship with the man of their dreams.

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On the bathroom floor… the end of avoiding

On the bathroom floor… the end of avoiding

We were all eating at my parent's kitchen table, exhausted from a day of condolences and standing in a line receiving my mother's mourners. We were all eating in her kitchen, but she was missing. Truth is she hadn't been there in months. Instead she laid in her bed...

Are you a high achiever in disguise?

Are you a high achiever in disguise?

When a powerful leader in the coaching community and someone I have a great deal of respect for pointed out to me that I was a high achiever I was in shock (and flattered)... "he can't be referring to me" I said. I've felt inadequate and always striving for better,...

She Rises - Giovanna Capozza

Hi I'm Giovanna

I was once stuck; 70lbs overweight, unhealthy, depressed and anxious (yes you can be both at the same time). On the outside I appeared to have it all to others. People saw me as intelligent, successful and strong; a natural leader. Inside however I was slowly dying. I struggled with high levels of self doubt, self criticism and fear. I used all kinds of distractions not to admit how unhappy I was; like over working, eating or just plain checking out whenever I got the chance. I was not connected to my Higher Self, my core presence or even my sensuality as a woman; I felt less than powerful and I was getting exhausted trying to keep up the facade. Then I discovered the work of A Course in Miracles and began to incorporate it with other training and mindfulness practices I had... and everything began to change. I learned that to be an effective leader in life and business I needed to be connected to my heart more and in my head less. I learned to do the inside work for the outside results.

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