Giovanna Capozza

I was once stuck; 70lbs overweight, unhealthy, depressed and anxious (yes you can be both at the same time). On the outside I appeared to have it all. People saw me as intelligent, successful and strong; a natural leader. Inside however I was slowly dying. I struggled with high levels of self doubt, criticism and analysis paralysis.

I used all kinds of distractions not to admit how unhappy I was like over working, eating or just plain checking out whenever I got the chance. I fit into the mold but I was not connected to my authentic Self, my core presence or even my sensuality as a woman. I felt less than powerful and I was getting exhausted trying to keep up the facade. I struggled not only to recognize my own power but to be truly seen.

Then I decided to start releasing all that blocked energy through deep personal work. I discovered the work of A Course in Miracles and started using the principles of mindfulness practices and everything began to change. I learned that to be an effective leader of your life you need to be connected to your heart more and your head less.

I learned to do the inside work for the outside results.

Giovanna is a Master Life Coach, Spiritual Intelligence Teacher and Mind/Body Expert. She is a trained Homeopathic Doctor and Holistic Nutritionist; graduating with honours from Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine where she later joined the faculty. For nearly 8 years she held a successful clinical practice in alternative medicine near Toronto Canada where she is originally from, putting in thousands of clinical hours committed to healing both the mind and body. She later shifted her focus to work predominantly with powerful women who wanted to experience more inner peace, presence and experience more meaning. Her Lifestyle Consulting and Spiritual Coaching practice was born as a result.

Giovanna has studied with some of the world’s most successful and influential alternative medicine and personal growth experts, coaches and trainers including her current work and mentorship with Master Coach and co-author of The Prosperous Coach, and soon to be published The Success Paradox, Rich Litvin.

Giovanna acts as a catalyst for transformation of the mind and the belief systems that hold you back and sabotage your life and relationships. She calls her approach a form of Radical Love & Responsibility which brings forward more energy, authenticity and visibility in the individual.

Since the age of 19 and for over 20 years Giovanna has been fascinated by two things; why people suffer and how can they can truly heal; mentally and physically. She became obsessed with the mind body connection and spiritual principles. Firstly to find answers for her own battles with depression, relationships, weight and body image issues; then immersing herself in training and learning all she could to go on to help her patients and clients find freedom through connecting to their heart and powerful presence. In 2014 she founded of ‘Your Heart’s Song Coaching’; a vehicle dedicated to both professional, personal and spiritual development through training, seminars, workshops and one on one coaching using her relational model for enhanced living; The Triad™.

As a both a spiritual teacher and self confessed nerdy girl she brings the art and science of alternative healing concepts, mindfulness, and deep coaching to successful women seeking to find their next level of meaning, purpose and vitality for their lives.

She currently resides in sunny California and travels globally, speaking and spreading her advocacy of heart-based living for successful women.

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