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Lead from the Heart

Outer Success Through Inner Peace

Giovanna Capozza

Do you ever just feel like despite clicking all the boxes you’re still unsatisfied and unfulfilled?

I used all kinds of distractions not to admit how unhappy I was like overworking, eating or just plain checking out whenever I got the chance. I was trying so hard to fit into the mould and I was not connected to my authentic self, my core presence or even my sensuality as a woman. I felt less than powerful and I was getting exhausted trying to keep up the facade. I struggled not only to recognize my own power but to be truly seen and I spent my time fruitlessly trying to prove my value or worse yet look for it outside myself.

After my mom died I knew something needed to change. I needed to change. I made a radical decision to stop pretending I was doing the work and actually throw myself into the fire of reinvention. I decided to start releasing all that blocked energy through deep personal work, coaching and healing therapies. I discovered the work of A Course in Miracles and started using the principles of mindfulness practices and everything began to change. I learned that to be an effective leader of your life you need to be connected to your heart more, and your head, less.

I learned to do the inside work for the outside results.

Since the age of 19 and for over 22 years I have been fascinated by two things; why people suffer and how can they can truly heal; mentally and physically, to become a leader in their own lives. I became obsessed with the mind-body connection and spiritual principles. Firstly to find answers for my own battles with depression, relationships, weight and body image issues; then immersing myself in training and learning all I could to go on to help my patients and clients find freedom through connecting to their heart and powerful presence.

Giovanna Capozza is a self-mastery mentor and women’s empowerment speaker. Her work as a transformational coach, blogger, and host of the She Rises podcast is anchored by Giovanna works with individuals seeking clarity on their path to purposeful lives and careers, which often involves overcoming emotional blocks. With more than twelve years of leadership and business coaching experience, Giovanna is a sought-after seminar and workshop coordinator and host across North America.

Giovanna’s coaching focus relies heavily on the discovery of self-love as the critical component each woman’s right to live a life that is expansive, adventurous and customizable. Her motto, “when sleeping women wake, mountains move” exemplifies her philosophy that individuals are limitless repositories of energy waiting to be directed. Her individual coaching clients have ticked off all the boxes marked ‘should’ and are recognizing that they still feel anxious, unsettled and mediocre.

Trained as both an alternative medicine doctor and a spiritual teacher, Giovanna is a self-professed “nerdy girl” and committed life-long learner. She considers herself a modern-day medicine woman blending science with ‘practical magic’. Schooled in specialities as diverse as broadcasting, hospitality management and holistic nutrition and Homeopathic medicine and health sciences, Giovanna’s insatiable curiosity has drawn her to study with Dr. John Demartini, Joe Dispenza, Steven Porges, Deb Dana and Byron Katie.

She is also a student of A Course in Miracles, the work of Barbara Brennan and Caroline Myss to name a few.

In 2018 Giovanna co-hosted the Thirsty Soul Women’s Retreat in Bali, co-lead two live intensives with Master Coach Rich LItvin, and gave inspiring performances at noteworthy public speaking events including Speaker Slam in April, 2018.

An experienced and adventurous traveller Giovanna is a student of the world.


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