Allison has been coaching professionally and successfully for 12 years. Before that, she was a self-employed REALTOR and Teacher.  She has been studying personal development since she was 24 and has her Masters degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. Allison started her coaching career as a sales productivity coach in Austin, Tx. She quickly had so much success at the local level, she was tapped to become the first international coach of the productivity coaches in that global organization.

In 2011 she left that company to create Soul-Full Living, LLC – her own soul focused coaching company where she was able to broaden the scope of her work to include life, spiritual, energetic, and creativity coaching alongside her business coaching.  She is a certified Visual Coach, A Certified Expressive Arts Facilitator and was a founding member of 4PC – an organization of the top 4% of Coaches and Leaders in the world.

Allison Crow is your favorite life coach. She helps them stop striving and start thriving, personally, professionally, energetically, and authentically and coaches from the soul. She is an irreverent priestess, an alchemist, a soul coach, an artist and the host of the Better Life Better Work Show podcast.  Her current love project, Soul-Full Success School for Life & Biz is an exquisite coaching community with live coaching, classes, and connection at a price that won’t make you blow your wad on coaching.

In this new episode of the She Rises, Giovanna interviews Allison Crow: a better life and better work coach, teacher, and a self-proclaimed “Irreverent Priestess. Crow explains her skillset that she offers as being able to help people learn to follow the heart path in life and work, guided by their own inner wisdom and the Divine within. Giovanna talks with Allison Crow about the importance of being your authentic self in the world of business and in life.

  • Giovanna welcomes Allison  to the podcast
  • Allison explains her transformation from a highly successful realtor to a better life coach
    • Allison felt like she wasn’t allowed to be her authentic self in real estate
    • Her job used shame tactics to scare employees, she was afraid to leave
    • Allison’s memory of sitting in her backyard in Austin: Byron Katie program
  • Being taught to fear the “stirring of our soul”
  • Allison’s story of feeling like she was“too much” and welcoming it
  • Effective marketing and being an influencer is the ability to be polarizing
  • How Allison coaches people towards authenticity – reading between the lines of what people say and know what they need: and give them “permission” to do it
  • Allison using art to express her authenticity, working in elementary school and noticing girls no longer seeing themselves as artists year after year after first grade
  • Allison receiving Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Recording training
  • The false mantra of “I’m not creative” and having creativity defeated by “rules”
  • The differences between process painting and performance painting
  • Applying our creativity to your business, and defending your authenticity
  • Allison getting trained in expressive arts
  • Links between vulnerability/creativity/business, learning in front of people: not waiting for perfection before releasing and sharing, leading from within the circle and not from the pulpit
  • Embracing the fact that you aren’t a “freak” you are “free”
  • Most of us just want permission to be our “weird” selves
  • Trip to Chicago and going to FAO Schwartz reminding Allison of her childhood
  • What would you wear if no one was judging you?
  • Allison taking on “Walk or Die” for better health
  • After learning to listen to your inner voice for guidance, frequency over intensity
  • Showing up with your individual creative expression
  • Allison’s Advice: keep a journal with a list of 20 “I AM” statements each day to remember who we are as we evolve

3 Key Points:

  1. Effective marketing and being an influencer is the ability to be polarizing
  2. Most of us just want permission to be our “weird” selves
  3. Success comes from Frequency over Intensity

Tweetable Quotes:

– “Every time I let out a little bit more of an authentic version of me, I got my hands slapped.” – Allison Crow
– “I’m not leaving you, I’m going towards me.” – Allison Crow
– “We learn to be ashamed of who we are, and have to simmer down.” – Giovanna Capozza
– “She’s not wrong, she is just not right for me.” – Allison Crow
– “I want you to be all of who you are. Bring your too-muchness.” – Allison Crow
– “Being an influencer is the ability to be polarizing.“ – Giovanna Capozza
– “One of our main jobs as adults is to re-parent ourselves.“ – Giovanna Capozza
– “I actually hear between the lines of what people say or write.” – Allison Crow
– “We don’t give ourselves permission to create because we are so afraid of doing it wrong.” – Allison Crow
– “I’m not in grad school anymore. I don’t need your red pen in my life.” – Allison Crow
– “Your problem is your best marketing.” – Allison Crow
– “Frequency over intensity.” – Allison Crow

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