Arielle Ford has spent the past 30 years living and promoting consciousness through all forms of media. She is the author of the international bestseller, THE SOULMATE SECRET: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction. Her book, Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate offers a groundbreaking shift in perception showing couples how to have a deeper and more fulfilling relationship. Her latest book is Inkspirations: Love by Design: Coloring the Divine Path to Manifest Your Soulmate the world’s first transformational coloring book.

Arielle has been called “The Cupid of Consciousness” and “The Fairy Godmother of Love.” She lives in La Jolla, CA with her husband and soulmate, Brian Hilliard and their feline friends. Her website

Today’s guest, Arielle Ford, answers the questions that have been troubling couples since the beginning of time: How do you find your soulmate? How do you effectively deal with your differences? Known as the “Cupid of Consciousness” and “The Fairy Godmother of Love”, Arielle shares her relational wisdom with listeners today and gives us insight into her own journey in finding and sustaining love. She’s author of the bestselling book The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of your life with the law of Attraction which provides a step-by-step guide for finding love. Tune-in as Arielle shares various insights which will help you turn your mate into a soulmate.

  • Arielle has spent the last 30 years living and promoting consciousness
  • Check out Arielle’s website to avail of some free goodies
  • Finding true love
    • At the age of 43, Arielle realized that she had spent all her energy towards building her business and ignored her personal life
    • Arielle applied processes and rituals that had helped her with her love life
    • Within six months, Arielle met her future husband, Brian—they have been married for 19 years now
  • Discovering her lack of partner skills
    • She quickly figured out that bossing around her alpha-masculine husband was not a good idea
    • Growing up in a middle-class, dysfunctional family did not help hone her relationship skills either
    • Committed herself to being a student of love
  • Our relationship skills or lack of them can be attributed to all the role models in our life
  • Having proper communication skills is critical for turning your mate into your soul mate
    • Brian often complained that Arielle was “not listening” to him
    • Brian is the youngest child and has a need to be heard
    • Arielle is the eldest child and she is a terrible listener
    • Arielle quickly realized that she had to learn to listen to Brian
    • Arielle still has a hard time turning her body to Brian, looking him in the eye and listening in a proper manner
  • Come up with creative solutions to iron out your differences
    • “You can either be right or you can be in a relationship”
    • Avoid correcting your partner
    • “It is absolutely normal to have differences in a relationship”
    • “Every couple has a minimum of 9 irreconcilable differences”
    • Creative solutions, not compromises, will help you deal with differences
    • In a compromise, one partner tends to let go, whereas a creative solution is a win-win situation
  • Arielle favorite line from the A Course in Miracles: “The only thing that can be lacking in a given situation is that which you were not given”
  • Thinking positively will surely help you find the love of your life
    • “The only thing that keeps us from getting all the love that we desire is our own limiting beliefs”
    • Attempt to consciously get rid of negative thoughts
    • Positive thoughts are much more powerful than negative ones. A few positive thoughts have the power to cancel out hundreds of negative ones
    • “Be the guardian to the doorway of your mind”
  • Having firm beliefs about your love life will affect your actions in a positive way
    • We draw to us the people, places and experiences that match our state of being
    • Your actions are nothing but a reflection of your beliefs
    • Having a firm belief that you are connected with your soulmate will prevent you from being casual about your sex life as well
  • Arielle’s secret sauce to manifestation is “Feelingization”
    • Only visualization does not help you attain your dreams
    • Arielle’s facilitates this concept via meditations which she calls “head to the heart”
    • Experience feelings of love and gratitude in the present moment
    • Access free content on “Feelingization” on Arielle’s website
  • Aim for mature, adult love by being more accepting of your partner’s idiosyncrasies
    • The feeling of love where you are in a chemically induced state lasts, on average, 6 to 18 months
    • Real, mature, adult love is a behavior or a practice
    • When you are in a mature relationship, you choose to act lovingly even though you are upset with you soulmate
    • “You are in the right relationship when you start off as a ‘dream come true’ and it evolves into your most horrible nightmare”
  • Finding perfections in our partner’s imperfections is the concept of “wobby, sobby” love
    • Make the perception shift and deal with your partner’s imperfections
    • People want to be loved for who they are
  • Arielle shares a “wobby, sobby” AH-HA moment
    • In one of her “wobby, sobby” workshops, Arielle came across Stephanie who was having issues with her husband, Garth
    • Stephanie was a stickler for cleanliness whereas Garth was a total slob
    • Stephanie hated cleaning up after Garth
    • Arielle asked Stephanie whether she still loved her pet dog in spite of the fact that she had to clean up the dog’s shit
    • Stephanie realized that Garth could not help being a slob, just like her dog could not help having to shit
    • Stephanie realized that Garth being a slob is not a reason to love him any less
    • Their relationship improved, Garth quit his job and started a home-business so that he could be with Stephanie 24 x 7
  • Dealing with your soulmate’s emotional shut-downs
    • Men need to go into a “cave” when they feel they are feeling emotionally low
    • Going into a “cave” helps raise their testosterone levels
    • Women should never attempt to follow a man to his “cave”
    • Women tend to shut down emotionally as they can’t express their anger
    • Being a “pleasure puppy” can help a man or woman deal with an emotional shut down
    • Women can build oxytocin, and men testosterone by being a “pleasure puppy”
    • Women can get a foot rub, head massage or go out with their girlfriends. Chopping wood, exercising, watching or playing sports is the best way to build testosterone for a man
    • Arielle advises getting professional counseling if you are in a hard spot
    • Deeper Dating is a great book for all gay couples wishing to sort out their issues
  • Add God in your relationship and discover true magic
    • The missing link in most relationships is the lack of the divine
    • “You can’t sit on a chair with two legs. But you can sit on a tripod that has three”
  • “In typical arithmetic, one plus one equals two. But in soulmate love, one plus one equals eleven, and your love blesses the world”
  • InkSpiration is a unique coloring book which helps manifest love for your beloved. Coloring is an oxytocin booster and by doing this activity, you can make a visual representation of the desires that you have for love
  • Listening is the thing that challenges Arielle the most
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3 Key Points:

  1. Aim to find creative solutions, and not compromises to iron out your differences.
  2. Arielle is a proponent for “wobby, sobby” love which involves finding perfections in imperfections.
  3. Find the divine in your relationship and discover true magic.

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