Nicole Moore is the founder of Love Works, a love and relationship coaching organization dedicated to helping women find true love, transform their relationships, and overcome mindset challenges that prevent them from building deeper, more meaningful relationships. She is a Certified Life Coach from New York University and has been featured in several publications such as Money Magazine.
Nicole joins me today to share her journey on how she became a highly successful love coach and how she helps powerful and influential women find their true love and overcome the mindset challenges preventing them from loving themselves. She explains how her programs were derived from her own personal challenges, explains what a “wound mate” is, and how to identify and use these experiences for your personal growth.

“You attract what you defend against.” – Nicole Moore

This week on She Rises:
• Learning how to love yourself and BE LOVE
• Filling personal voids to attract the love you want
• The importance of women learning how to evoke the love they desire from men
• The Emotional Leverage concept and why it’s important for women to focus on it
• Creating a space for a man to feel he has more love than he ever has
• The difference between being overly giving and having emotional leverage
• Understanding and addressing emotional shutdown periods

She Rises Actionable & Practical Tips:
1. Stop denying that the desire for love is there.
2. Get to a place you trust that you will have the exact love you want. Trust the end vision.

Stop Settling, Start RISING!

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