Barry Price is a Dating Mentor and Coachville-Trained Life Coach who used to help his single, successful Mom analyze her dates. He now supports heart-centred, six-figure female entrepreneurs to attract, date and maintain a relationship with the man of their dreams.

Though empowering for women, the feminist movement has taken a toll on men. Women stepping up and no longer hiding their power has unfortunately left men and women questioning where they stand—specifically in the realm of romantic relationships. So how does a woman find a man that they deem a proper fit? How does a woman maintain her femininity WITHOUT giving up her power to a man? These are the questions that will be addressed in today’s She Rises episode with guest, Barry Paul Price. Tune-in to gain a better understanding of the masculine and feminine energies that lie within all of us and how to achieve balance in ourselves before we can even dare to find our match.

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  • Each person has BOTH masculine and feminine energies
  • Today’s guest, Barry Price, helps powerful women date men, NOT boys
    • His message—you can have the love that you deserve
    • He helps powerful women reconnect with their feminine energy
  • Both masculine and feminine energies are powerful – you just have to use the right energy that serves you at the right time
  • Since the age of feminism, women have been able to freely express the power they already have
    • In the 70’s and 80’s, men didn’t know how to respond to powerful women
    • In the 20th century, boys are being brought up by female elders; this is very different from ancient times where they spent their days with male elders
    • The definition of a male role model changed with the industrial revolution
    • In the last 10 years, many have been questioning “Where are the men?”
  • Barry refers to the book, The End of Men, which was written because of the rise of women
    • Some men are having a difficult time coping with women stepping up
  • Barry believes women should feel free to change in ways that allow them to fully connect with their feminine energy WITHOUT sacrificing their power
  • Giovanna states that all people have a deep sense of power within themselves
  • Typical characteristics of boys (not men) can include emotional immaturity, financial instability, being emotionally unavailable, etc.
  • Focus on what you’re looking for as a woman (the kind of man you desire); don’t fixate on the kind of man you’d like to avoid
  • Five “M’s” to differentiate a boy from a man:
    • #1 Maturity
    • #2 Mission
    • #3 Masculine
    • #4 Myself
    • #5 Making you feel safe
  • Barry iterates the importance of starting with YOURSELF
    • If you’re still single, it’s because you haven’t met your ideal match
    • Be authentic and be the BEST version of yourself
    • Having the “I can do it on my own” attitude is effective for feeling safe and secure, but it can also drain your energy
    • Powerful women tend to want control in a relationship; know the times when you need to release that control
  • “There’s nothing less attractive than people with unmet needs, wanting their needs met by you”
    • Don’t be attached to the possible outcomes of a relationship
    • Cultivate your relationship with yourself FIRST
    • “Nobody is here to fill all your needs”
    • What matters is being aligned in every part of you before a man comes into the picture; don’t look for a person to fill in your gaps
  • Being feminine is part of an evolving, organic sense of yourself
    • “The feminine side of understanding a soulmate is real, feeling your way into what that will feel like being around that person”
    • Dancing without any inhibitions or self-judgment can help you tap into your feminine side
    • Beware of The Miss Independent Syndrome or the “Screw you, I don’t need you” attitude
  • Your identity can make you feel safe, but it can also blind you to your problems
    • Vulnerability is a gift that you give to yourself and to your significant other
    • Barry has immense respect for people who can search within themselves and admit there was something wrong
  • Begin your journey with a deeper level of self-trust
  • If you have a question, reach out to Giovanna at the She Rises website or to Barry at
  • Email Giovanna at
  • Previously recorded in 2015 as part of The Delicious Life Radio Show

3 Key Points:

  1. All people have both the masculine and feminine energy within them; each has their strengths according to the situation at hand.
  2. The struggle to find a partner can be overcome by finding your balance.
  3. Before looking for a potential partner, remember to place your focus on what you can contribute to the relationship first.

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