Founder of the S.W.A.T Institute and author of The Emotional Edge talks about all things self love and acceptance


In this episode, Giovanna Capozza interviews Crystal Andrus Morissette, a communication expert, women’s advocate and the author of four best-selling books including her latest release, The Emotional Edge. Listen as Giovanna and Crystal talk about self-love and appreciation, how to play with your archetype, and why you have to heal your broken pieces and not just bury them in your subconscious.


Show Notes:

  • Introducing Crystal to the show
  • Giovanna interviewed Crystal before in another radio show
  • Crystal shares about her latest book The Emotional Edge
  • Crystal never thought a project could bring her to her edge
  • “I was pushed beyond my mental capacity”
  • Crystal needed to unplug from the world and went offline for 6 weeks
  • Crystal never knew she was carrying a tremendous amount of guilt and shame
  • Crystal realized that she needed to write a book about everything she was going through and it gave her access to her archetypes
  • Crystal shares how she plays with her archetypes and the idea of a mother and a woman
  • It is amazing when you think that you’re the original inventor of an idea
  • The idea of yang just came to Crystal
  • Yang’s 3 aspects to one’s personality – the ego, the shadow, and the collective unconscious
  • Freud’s Id, ego and superego
  • Id is the most childish and selfish part of you
  • The superego is constantly trying to make you feel better; like a mother archetype within us
  • Ego balances the id and superego
  • Crystal had spent years to see these three elements of the psyche working
  • “We each have a child within us”
  • The woman energy discussed
  • When you come into your human energy, you can come to the greatest expression of who you are
  • Giovanna is constantly repeating to her clients that our most important job is to learn to be parents ourselves
  • There are pieces of ourselves that we judge
  • We break that piece off of ourselves and bury it in our subconscious
  • When you became an adult, you heal the ones you bury, but we usually just forget them
  • By the time that we are old, we can’t recognize ourselves anymore because we buried so many pieces
  • Healing or repairing ourselves is the gentle process of regaining the broken pieces to become whole again
  • Healing is fun
  • We choose our dominant persona to show up and take control of us
  • The reason that we created the dominant persona
  • Our submissive takes so much energy to keep buried
  • Your dominant persona becomes exhausted
  • Crystal shares how she felt when she was 40
  • Crystal didn’t realize that she didn’t want people to know about her past
  • Crystal needed to let out the shame and sorrow and tell her story
  • “I have forgotten to heal me”
  • “I didn’t realize how I mattered”
  • It was Crystal’s big, mystic moment
  • Crystal feels the need to constantly check herself
  • Crystal tends to get caught up on things
  • “You can’t give what you don’t have”
  • Giovanna admires how Crystal is a great communicator
  • We work to give ourselves a better life
  • The ultimate outcome of your work
  • When you communicate better with yourself, it opens you up to become communicative, vulnerable, honest and transparent with everybody
  • Be more compassionate with your relationships
  • It is easier when you become your best self
  • Don’t seek only for the physical things to make you happy
  • People go after something they think can do good to them
  • Crystal was Miss Galaxy when she decided she wanted to have babies
  • Crystal had all the things she wanted, but still ended up feeling empty inside
  • We’ve all had the same experience as Crystal
  • Crystal watched pregnant Beyonce at the Grammys and she adored Beyonce
  • Beyonce was THE mother, daughter, woman at the Grammys
  • Watching Beyonce made Crystal feel like a queen
  • Beyonce is an archetype
  • “When I share what I share, I hope I touch women in a way that can make them cry”
  • We are teaching women how to rise into their greatness and stand into their power
  • “I’m all things”
  • We can’t keep on pointing fingers
  • Crystal shares about the light shadow
  • The shadow is the greatness you buried when you were little
  • Crystal shares an experience of when she was 4
  • It took time for Crystal to realize that she’s also a princess
  • Love yourself
  • Crystal doesn’t want her daughters to be ashamed of themselves
  • Giovanna started her podcast for women
  • Crystal shares about their life in Canada
  • At a baseball game, the oldest man on the team suddenly shouted negative things at Crystal because she was cheering
  • The new Crystal told herself that she wouldn’t come to the game, again, because she won’t go where she’s not wanted
  • We have to celebrate our big bright lights and not let others dim them
  • Don’t let the negative things get to you – they make you stronger
  • “You know why Trump is now the president of the United States? Because good people keep their mouths shut”
  • Crystal had been attacked when she posted one thing about Trump
  • Women attack other women by going to their physical features
  • Know yourself and own it – this is how you become whole
  • Crystal’s The S.W.A.T Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer) can take you higher so you can communicate and be neutral
  • The training is only for women because women will heal the world
  • Crystal built the first program and it took 3 years to complete
  • Crystal also has a 3-month program which is a coaching intervention
  • S.W.A.T is in 30 countries now

3 Key Points:

  1. Heal your broken pieces and don’t let your dominant persona take over – be a whole person.
  2. It is easier to love when you become your best self.
  3. Celebrate your big light and don’t feed yourself with negativity; from within or from others.

Resources Mentioned:

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and Love Yourself Fully
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