On this episode of She Rises, Host Giovanna Capozza talks about the concept of witch as healer and empowered women.

  • What are the connotations that you have with the word “witch,” is it negative?
  • We use these magical personifications to reflect power that we think is outside ourselves.
  • For centuries witches were healers and went to the natural world for answers.
  • Patriarchal societies demonized witches because they were taught to fear powerful, sovereign women.
  • We tend to compartmentalize the spiritual or witchy side of ourselves.
  • Where have we lost connection with our magical being and how are we numbing her out?
  • The feminine aspect of God that wants to express through you is the “She” in She Rises.
  • Start asking yourself where you’ve neglected your inner healer, witch, priestess, medicine woman, etc.
  • Created a program called Business Magic for the entrepreneurial woman who is ready to own her inner witch.
  • Ask yourself, where is that witch archetype in my life? Is she showing up as the shadow-side and you can’t get where her light is?
  • Start to make peace with your inner witch if you’ve had negative connotations.
  • Write down questions you’d like answered about yourself and ask during meditation, allowing your inner witch to answer.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “As women, we’ve had to live and survive in a very patriarchal world.”
  • “When you tap into her beauty and magic, there’s a deep sense of sovereignty that can help you approach life without being easily ruffled.”

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