Decisions are simply a part of life. There are small daily ones with small consequences. And, there are the life-altering, enormous kind that can cause us a great amount of stress, anxiety and indecision. Since making decisions is inevitable, we need to know how to approach this process—especially if we find ourselves becoming STUCK in our own indecision. In this episode, Giovanna walks us through the process of decision-making. She discusses how we can make a decision from a place of clarity and peace instead of one that is influenced by our own ego and rational thinking. She discusses the NEED to tap into our Source, Guide, or Higher Self to seek true direction and encourages listeners in how they can make time in their busy lives to do so.

  • Today’s episode is about decisions
  • Giovanna has been a notorious, neurotic decision-maker
  • A lot of people suffer from the agony of making decisions
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  • At the centre of all your stresses is YOU… and this is an empowering thing!
  • Call in your higher self or source
    • Ask yourself a question—a decision that is pending, or something that poses a challenge for you
    • Ask the spirit or higher guidance to come and help us in this process of tapping in
  • How did the process of tapping go for you? How did it affect you?
  • The very place we need to go is usually the place which is the most difficult for us to connect
  • Making quick decisions is something that eludes Giovanna
  • Tapping into yourself is an exercise to know yourself within
    • Cultivate and develop your ability to go into your quiet space
    • People are so entrenched in the external world that they forget to listen to their internal world
    • Your relationship with yourself and your relationship with your source is MOST important
    • Trust in yourself is important for making decisions
  • Giovanna shares a quote from Deepak Chopra, The Book of Secrets: Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life
  • Look at the Universe or Source from a different perspective other than suffering the consequences of making a wrong decision
  • Indecision gets you stuck
    • Where is your indecision keeping you stuck?
    • How is does your indecision manifest in your life?
    • A Course in Miracles’ has a lesson that says, “If I make no decisions by myself, this is the day that will be given to me”
    • In your willingness to find the answer, you need to acknowledge that your ego and logical thinking is actually the one making the decision
    • The decision that is made from logic and intellect is NOT from a place of peace and clarity
    • Learning principles and then, applying principles are TWO different things
  • Take a moment and connect with yourself
    • Write down whatever question comes to you
    • Make 2 columns – write your fears on the left side, and on the right, write the possibilities or outcomes
    • What is influencing your decision-making?
    • Willingness to ask and seek the answer to your question is very powerful
    • Acknowledge that you do NOT know the answer
  • The sense of “knowing” is in the foreground and the small voice within you is usually placed in the background
  • Indecision is a byproduct of not trusting yourself
  • Intuitive Action and Massive Action should come together in every decision
  • Exercise your decision-making muscle by spending at least 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night tapping into your Higher Self
    • Your mind’s job is to constantly be working
    • Notice your thoughts happening, but don’t shut them down
    • Invite your guide
    • Let go of your decision BEFORE proceeding to try and answer it again
    • Surrendering your decision and asking your guide for the answer is KEY in this exercise
    • When you get distracted, catch that you’ve gone astray and bring yourself back
    • Trust that you can connect with your intuition and Higher Self
  • Simona, today’s caller, is having trouble keeping herself accountable in tapping in and for not being committed in meditation
    • At first, Giovanna had to schedule her tapping so she wouldn’t forget
    • She uses an iTunes album called, I Am Wishes Fulfilled Meditation Recording to help her set in
    • Make tapping part of your personal routine
    • Say and vocalize your invitation to your guide
    • Simona realizes her mistake is not inviting the spirit to come and help her
    • Waiting for the answer means you’re not in total surrender
  • The outcomes are not always the things we expect to happen
  • Remember that decision-making is a topic MOST people struggle with
  • Check out the resources mentioned at She Rises website

3 Key Points:

  1. Everyone struggles to make decisions—so don’t be discouraged in thinking it is only you.
  2. Decision making requires you to tap into your inner self and call upon your Guide so that you can make a decision that comes from a place of peace and clarity.
  3. Be willing to surrender your own thoughts and your own ability to rationalize an answer to your question.

Resources Mentioned:

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Decisions, Decisions... Ugh!
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