In this bonus episode titled “Something to Think About”, Giovanna shares with listeners various ways you can regain your enthusiasm for life. We often move through the ins and outs of life with very little time to reflect. Reflection enables us to look beyond the noise that fills our day, and see the very things that bring us life, joy, enthusiasm, and gratitude. Giovanna invites listeners to stop what we’re doing and ask ourselves the very questions that center us—are we finding joy in what we do? In our work? In our relationships? Tune-in to find the value of a taking a self-assessment and to hear a few guiding questions that will help you along the way.

  • Today’s bonus episode is titled “Something to Think About”
  • Sundays for Giovanna
    • Loves quiet Sundays
    • Giovanna has just returned from the market and spent time listening to some inspirational podcasts and read some books
    • She was inspired to reread Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist after listening to his podcast
  • Everyone has a calling, a purpose and mission
    • Not all of us may find our true calling
    • Your mission may be right under your nose and you are just not seeing it
    • The main purpose of every person is to cultivate love and gratitude
  • In this fast paced life, we tend to forget that the purpose of any activity is to bring us joy
    • Are you experiencing joy through your work and relationships?
  • Use enthusiasm as your compass
    • Enthusiasm is a spirit-guided feeling
    • Need to assess whether your enthusiasm for life is intact
    • Take care of your health
    • Indulge yourself with some quiet reflection time
    • Aim to experience moments of gratitude, joy, wonder and inspiration
  • “Life is a mystery and we can just do the best that we can”
  • Take a step back and look at what you are creating in your health, relationships and work
    • Look for avenues that bring you joy and enthusiasm
    • “Create your own compass”
    • External factors may bring you “success”, but not necessarily happiness
    • Avoid inundating yourself with outside noise
    • A “Digital Sabbath” might be a good idea. Try to minimize the use of technology
    • Indulge in honest self-assessment and determine whether you feel joy and gratitude every day
  • Giovanna is off to London for a two-week break
  • “She Rises” will resume in September
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3 Key Points:

  1. The main purpose of every person is to spread love and gratitude.
  2. Taking a “Digital Sabbath” is a great idea way to center you and give you the time to reflect.
  3. Indulge in an honest self-assessment and look for avenues that bring you joy and gratitude.

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Something to Think About
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