In this episode, Giovanna invites us to take a look deeper into ourselves to find out what is causing dis-ease or in disharmony. Dis-ease is when your life is not at ease—meaning a disharmony or dysfunction between your internal and external self. Why You’re Not Healing is an episode dedicated to addressing the internal world of our lives and how to self-assess whether we are, in fact, sick or diseased. Tune in as Giovanna explores the true meaning of health and healing and how we can achieve this by looking inwards.

  • Today’s episode is about why you’re not healing
  • For Giovanna, it goes back to illness – not just physically, but dis-ease overall
    • Healing has always been Giovanna’s calling
    • There is a “victim consciousness” in our way of thinking
  • What fascinates Giovanna is why she cannot get over certain things
    • She researched functional nutrition, botanical medicine and homeopathic medicine to try and understand this
  • At the core of everything, all we are is energy
    • Energy became Giovanna’s primary focus and fascination
  • Your world is 100% governed by what is in your internal world
    • Everybody has their own reality
    • You are the center of your universe
    • Our perceptions are governed by our belief systems
  • We are not healing because we are not fully understanding the nature of dis-ease
  • Health is the ability to go in and out of dis-ease with ease
    • Is your life force healthy enough to help you go in and out of dis-ease with ease?
    • You can have no physical symptoms, and never become sick, but can still be “sick”
    • Disharmony could be in relationships or in your business
  • “True health is the level of vitality or aliveness you feel in your daily life”
  • Take a look at the symptoms in your life
    • Do you get triggered and you can’t let things go?
    • Don’t look from a place of judgement, but from a place of curiosity
    • Most illness started from a mental/emotional area of stuckness or dis-ease that wasn’t addressed
    • This is NOT about self-blame
    • Health and healing are not just about the physical body
    • We are not taught about EQ so that we can pick up those signs and symptoms
    • Healing of a non-physical kind is potentially going to prevent you from manifesting something in your body
    • Give yourself a health assessment
  • “I’m scared to change it”
    • If you change the external side without doing anything internally, it will just manifest again
    • Giovanna lost 70 lbs, but got back into a situation that retriggered tough areas
    • She put on another 15-20 lbs despite how she first lost the weight
    • It’s important to fix the problem internally – get to the ROOT cause
  • Giovanna recommends the book, A New Earth
  • You are a spiritual being having a human experience
  • You’re not healing because you may not be looking at the true dysfunction
  • Life is about polarities
  • There’s always room to assess yourself
  • Stop blaming the external
  • Take 100% responsibility for everything that you created in your world
  • Think about where you want to focus in and make a shift in your life
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  • End of today’s podcast

3 Key Points:

  1. Your world, your universe, your life is governed by your internal world.
  2. Even if you may not have any physical symptoms of sickness and disease, you can still be “sick” and experience disharmony in your life.
  3. Take responsibility for what you have created in your world and do NOT be afraid to change what is causing dysfunction in your life.

Resources Mentioned:

  • A New Earth – Book that Giovanna recommends to know more about internal healing
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Why You’re Not Healing
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