In this episode, Giovanna Capozza interviews Lisa Berkovitz. Lisa has straddled the business and spiritual worlds for over 15 years as an MBA high-level project manager for Fortune 100 and 500 companies. She’s a master-level NLP practitioner, reiki master, and a master-level coach to executives and entrepreneurs. She has extensive experience drawing out the life’s work of some of the world’s most visionary, passionate, and accomplished change makers. Tune in as Lisa walks us through her journey from being in corporate America to leading a life of spirituality. She will define what empathpreneurs really are and provide us a quick exercise that will help us listen to our inner self and find peace.

  • Giovanna introduces Lisa Berkovitz
  • Lisa has been in the business and spiritual worlds for over 15 years
    • She has worked with Fortune 100 and 500 companies, executives, and entrepreneurs
  • Lisa’s journey, like others, is evolving
  • When she was in the corporate world doing project management, she advanced quickly
    • She came to a point where she became TOO passionate about human potential
    • She ended up at a self-mastery retreat in Costa Rica
    • She was in personal development for years until the last 2 years before leaving Corporate America
    • She discovered the spiritual path after she experienced a heartbreak
    • When she got to the self-mastery retreat, she had a vision of traveling the world, supporting human potential
    • She quit her job for this vision and a lot of people didn’t understand
  • Her spirituality deepened
  • She freelanced and found out that she was gifted at listening between the lines
    • Lisa used this gift for 6 years while coaching executives
    • She discovered her ability to hold space for another person and shape it into something
  • Lisa comes from the perspective that we know what’s right for us, at all times
    • For Lisa, it took trust and a knowing that led her to follow the path that felt right to her
    • At that time, Lisa didn’t think that this journey would be as long as it has turned out to be
    • Delaying following a path makes the wakeup call louder
    • Life gives us signs – listen and act early
  • Lisa engages in deep listening to understand people
    • Deep listening never fails her to hear clues for what is true for that person
    • Lisa senses what aliveness is
    • She listens to the soul’s blueprint through understanding energy
  • The biggest challenges Lisa sees in her mentees include:
    • Trusting their own guidance
    • Letting the mind lead
    • Letting it be more fun and easy
  • Lisa is a big proponent of getting quiet
    • If there isn’t time and space to listen internally, it’s difficult to hear the soul’s truth
    • Giovanna shares her spiritual hygiene process
    • Asking “for it to speak to you” – depends on the mentee’s belief system
  • Lisa always starts with basic energy tools:
    • Take a comfortable seat
    • Gently close your eyes and bring your awareness in
    • Turn your eyes towards yourself
    • Start with 3 slow deep breaths
    • Relax your eyes, your scalp, your brain
    • Make your 3rd breath the deepest breath
    • Release and give your body permission to completely relax
    • Turn your attention to the silence
    • Imagine yourself standing in a place in nature
    • Imagine your bare feet touching the ground in that place
    • Allow yourself to connect to the earth
    • From the base of your spine into the earth
    • Let yourself feel held by the earth and let any energy that doesn’t serve you draw to the magnetic pole of the earth
    • See how you feel
    • In this space, you can hear yourself and your truth
  • Nourish yourself with silence and ask yourself in that space
  • The answer will come or trust that it will come at the right time
  • Empathy is a very significant quality that impacts a lot of things in your life
    • Lisa’s way of coping with energies when she was young was through isolation and avoidance
    • It’s a challenge to manage energies
    • Empathy became a hindrance for Lisa in her entrepreneurial journey
    • She had a teacher who taught her to manage her energy in a different way
    • There’s no energy that is better or worse than the other
    • “When you stop perceiving an outside attack, then there’s no need to isolate yourself anymore”
    • “Judgement locks the very thing you don’t want in”
    • Be willing to be present to be free
    • When you’re not present, you’re placing a wall up of resistance
  • Empathpreneurs is Lisa’s Facebook Group
    • Empaths are extremely powerful leaders
    • Lisa believes any aspect of business can be a reflection of who you are
    • You cannot fit an empath into a mold
    • The meek shall inherit the earth – The gentle, sensitive ones will lead
  • Giovanna closes the podcast

3 Key Points:

  1. Life is always giving us signs – we should be ready to listen and act upon it when it comes.
  2. People already know what the truth is for them – they just have to listen.
  3. Stopping the judgement allows yourself to be more open.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Empathpreneurs – Lisa’s facebook group that consist of emphatic entrepreneurs – Lisa’s personal website

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