Myriam Llano is an expert on the relationship between women and nourishment. She teaches women globally about nourishing the sacred feminine first, as a way to honor themselves; bridging the gap between emotional eating, nutrition, and spirituality. She is the creator of the Divine Renewal™ program … a revolutionary program which supports women in creating an intimate connection with food and their body; feeding what they’re truly hungry for in life with spiritual nutrition. After many decades of being on a personal quest to heal her relationship with food, Myriam realized that that the journey starts with honoring both our divine essence and our humanness.

When a woman begins to honor herself and let go of shame and old wounds, she can help create a movement … a movement of women who are at peace with themselves, their bodies, food, and finally begin feeling whole. Every new moon, Myriam offers an episode of the Divine Renewal™ Radio program ~ a collection of spirited conversations with wise women helping you overcome body image and emotional nourishment issues by strengthening your connection with the sacred feminine. Myriam is a registered nutritionist, an emotional nourishment coach, and devoted to the oath of the Divine Feminine. For more information please visit

In today’s episode of the She Rises podcast, Giovanna interviews health consultant, nutritionist, and motivational speaker from Toronto, Canada Myriam Llano. Her focus is to: “To help women rediscover their true essence and receive nourishment from the sacred feminine as they experience the Divine Renewal they hunger for”. Myriam Llano talks about her Divine Renewal concept of healing the emotional and spiritual cravings that women have when overcoming body shaming, anxiety issues, and depression. Divine Renewal isn’t another dietary program to give up on, it is a woman’s opportunity to reunite herself with her own body; to learn how to appreciate herself as she is.

  • Giovanna welcomes Myriam to the podcast
  • Myriam and Giovanna reminisce on meeting in Toronto several years ago
  • Myriam’s She Rises Story – Relationship with food beginning at age 11

o Arriving to Canada from Columbia, suffering from her county’s drug war
o Eating to calm down her anxiety, eating all the time

  • True hunger: hiding to eat so owner of her new house in Canada wouldn’t know she was eating their groceries, eating leftovers from the garbage
  • Discovered the benefits of working out at age 13, binging and purging by age 14
  • Myriam was a victim of sexual harassment, abuse, and sexual violation
  • Became addicted to working out and dramatically lost weight at 17
  • Between 17-19 Myriam feeling sad internally and wondered if she died who would notice, started hurting herself (scratching herself)
  • Giovanna asks Myriam how she got out of self-destructive cycle

o By 19 Myriam hospitalized because her electrolytes were low, couldn’t walk up the stairs at her house
o Put into rehab at Toronto General Hospital, put into eating disorder program, had anorexia nervosa

  • Giovanna asks Myriam what she means by emotional eating in male-dominated medical field
  • Women worldwide struggling with body image issues, longing to feel loved, worthy, satisfied, heard, celebrated, and acknowledged
  • Giovanna addresses the misconception that only overweight women have an issue with food
  • Information and emotion that food holds for us, how/when/why we eat it plays a role in our relationship to it
  • Using food for a drug to heal spiritual and emotional injury
  • Coping with the past
  • Giovanna discussing her first dietary lifestyle change and mistaking anxiety for hunger
  • Macrobiotics taught Myriam about the energies of food, to feel “grounded” eat food from the ground, what are you “fueling?”
  • More words to describe something negative than positive, reuniting pleasure with your sacred self
  • Remembering the “mysteries of the feminine” and needing to redefine feminism – women’s bodies are cyclical and wear different archetypes that have been abused
  • Myriam discusses the menstruation cycle causing women to “disown” their body and be disconnected
  • Myriam’s advice of how to start reconnecting to your body by detoxing/keeping a journal
  • Giovanna speaks about putting on weight because she denied herself pleasure
  • Importance of awareness to stay tuned into emotions to deal with cravings: where and what you are eating to feel better
  • Deconstructing a society of shaming women
  • Myriam ends with: emotional eating can be healed

3 Key Points:

1.Being aware of your relationship to food to avoid using it as a depression cure.
2.Male-dominated medical field tends to ignore eating disorders being based on female body image problems.
3.Understanding that the cycles of the female body and deconstructing societal abuses towards women.

Tweetable Quotes:

-“Every woman trying to feed the unfeedable.” – Myriam Llano
-“At some point, you need to reclaim the parts of your life, especially your body, that you have disowned.” – Myriam Llano
-“We can’t get through life without food. And food holds a lot of information…a lot of emotion.” – Myriam Llano
-“Start honoring yourself through spiritual and emotional nutrition.” – Myriam Llano
–  “We start realizing that your body is not the problem, and that food is not the problem. That we really truly are whole exactly as we are.” – Myriam Llano
–  “In order to step into the past, it takes a hell of a lot of courage.“ – Myriam Llano

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