Nicole Moore, Love Coach and founder of Love Works, helps powerful and influential women find a top 1% man AND keep him. Nicole doesn’t teach women how to get love, she teaches women how to BE LOVE, so love flows to them effortlessly because it’s who they are. She believes that a woman who truly loves herself and her life is unstoppable and she is dedicated to helping women truly know and feel their worth. Nicole received her Life Coaching Certification from NYU.  For more information, visit Nicole at

On this episode of She Rises, Host Giovanna Capozza interviews Nicole Moore:

  • After a career as a publicist, Nicole became certified as a life coach at NYU.
  • Nicole built a life coaching business and found herself in an emotionally abusive relationship.
  • Nicole now coaches women how to rise from the ashes and rebuild and attract the life they want.
  • She started before she feels she was ready, but there was a calling on her to go down the life and love coaching path.
  • You don’t become a coach because you’re perfect, it’s because you’re constantly improving.
  • Because of her experience as a child, she believed that love equals criticism.
  • Your bad experiences end up being the lesson that gets you to the next stage in life.
  • If you’re in a bad relationship, you should know that there is something on the other side and the dream you’re envisioning is the truest thing.
  • Nicole talks about how you show up as love so you can get love in return.
  • Using the concept of emotional leverage: we as women need to learn how to evoke the love we desire from a man.
  • Nicole talks about being emotionally fit and avoiding emotionally shutting down.
  • The desire for love is still in your heart even if you’re emotionally shut down, don’t deny it.

Tweetable Quotes

  • “You teach what you need to know.”
  • “You don’t become a coach because you’re perfect, it’s because you’re constantly improving.”
  • “When you’re bringing it, you can ask for it, and you feel worthy of receiving it, and you get it.”
  • “Our job as adults is to learn to re-parent ourselves.”

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