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Giovanna is a world-class coach.

She is the only person on the planet I’ve trusted to join me on dozens of my private coaching calls, lead my signature program and to lead on my stage at live events. There’s no one I trust more than Giovanna to lead and teach our world-renowned program: The Salon.

Rich Litvin, co-author The Prosperous Coach and founder of

Before I met Giovanna I’d only ever worked with business coaches, all male, who had a certain style of coaching that worked well across a lot of areas. After I met Giovanna I realized that I’d been missing something. Her style is very powerful, helping cut through a lot of the mental baggage I was carrying around. In a very short space of time of working with her, I picked up some very valuable insights that will stay with me forever. In short, I feel better and more equipped to create the life I want. She’s brill!

David Foster

I started working 1:1 with Giovanna almost a year ago, and in that time my life and my business have completely transformed.

Her ability to slow me down and break me out of my habitual patterns of overthinking and over analyzing has been no small feat. She keeps me focused on my big dreams and helps me bring my best self to all of my relationships, personally and professionally. This woman embodies the archetype of “Sacred Feminine” and let’s it shine through everything she’s a part of.

If you’re looking for life changing wisdom and heart-felt advice, this is what you need. Highly recommended!

Ricky Goodall - Former MMA Fighter & High Performance Coach

She helped me to connect deeply with something inside myself. Somehow I was able to quickly move well beyond my fears, uncertainties and shame around client creation, and by some miracle, I actually started to enjoy it.

Giovanna is this incredible mix of both spiritual heart AND practical wisdom. What this means is that you feel loved, held, guided and inspired and yet pushed, challenged and called to do better. She has helped me learn to live from a place of inspired, heart-felt action. I honestly cannot recommend Giovanna more highly, she has changed my life and I’ll never forget her for it!

Matthew Cooksey

Matt coaches high-poptential gay men and women to live whole-hearted, authetic lives

Before my coaching and group experience with Giovanna, I was so tied to each and every outcome of a potential client conversation, I didn’t enjoy the investment discussion, and frankly I felt I could not be bold.

After our time together, I was instantly able to alignment my ‘WHY’ and truly enjoy the discovery process with a potential client. I became more present and powerful with my clients.

I now invest more time and energy into the discovery process to develop a relationship with a prospective client because I want them to be FULLY IN when taking a step towards their own potential I’m working ideal clients for me and I love it! Together we are working on some phenomenal sh**! AND my pricing is in alignment with what I offer and allows me to coach at “that level”. I am closer to living my ideal coaches life and experiencing abundance in many areas

I would absolutely recommend Giovanna Capozza because I’ve been working with her for over a year one-on-one and have also received crazy value and connection with The heART of the Sale Group Program and its participants. I am blessed to be in the sphere of Giovanna’s world.

Cassandra Bryant

Transformational Coach

Before my coaching experience with Giovanna, I was at a loss as to why I was really struggling to build a consistent counseling and coaching practice, when I was apparently ‘so good’ at what I do. I absolutely recommend Giovanna because she is genuine, heartfelt and drives to the core of whatever it is that’s stopping you from being amazing! Giovanna exudes a real-ness that makes her easy to work with, AND once you begin a journey with her, prepare for true and lasting change, the type of change that your soul is yearning for!

Tanya Wilson

Transpersonal Psychotherapist & Coach

Since working with Giovanna I have changed how I interact with people; I am much more comfortable being myself with clients.

I am taking better care of myself mentally and emotionally. I am much kinder to myself; I understand that this is a process, I’ll get there and I am exactly where I should be in this moment.

I have overcome my fear and self-doubt. Working with Giovanna was SO worth it. I looked forward to our calls every week! There was always so much value on the calls and the coaching from Giovanna is spot on. She knows exactly what you need in that moment. I ALWAYS left the calls feeling clear about next steps, confident in myself and very complete and light in terms of my energy. Giovanna’s voice is very soothing and she’s so insightful; it’s a very safe and trusting space.

Amy Hogan

Transformational Life Coach

Giovanna, thank you so much for turning my life around! You’ve guided me through a very hard time. My weekdays started with resentful feelings towards work. That feeling seeped through to my weekends and social life. The frightening part was that I thought of that cycle as the norm. It was my very close friend who nudged me towards a trial session with Giovanna. Since we started working together, I’ve gained vast appreciation for myself and much needed courage to take a step towards a major change. More importantly, Giovanna explained the dynamic and connection between exercises we were doing and how they will help me directly. Four months ago I would have dismissed even the idea of change being available to me. Now I can say with confidence that I absolutely love what I do, and enjoy every day, rain or shine. No one should deprive themselves of this wonderful state of happy. It comes from within you. Again, Giovanna, thank you!

Yana S


I reached a point where talking to friends and family wasn’t helping despite their best intentions, and I needed a neutral, non-biased sounding board. That’s where Giovanna came in. I went into our intensive wanting direction in my career, but came out realizing that I really needed to change my relationship with money. That was an eye-opener. I had no idea how much I was letting it control my life, and Giovanna gave me the tools to re-program my way of thinking to enable me to cultivate and catalyse my goals, instead of blocking them. Within two months of meeting Giovanna, I bought my first house–a lifelong dream that I never would have imagined could happen so soon. I truly learned the meaning of getting back what you put out into the universe and reignited the ability to believe in getting what you want.


Sports Announcer & TV Personality

Amazing coach. She is insightful and incredibly talented at what she does. I would highly recommend her.

Shay Orlena Brown

Co-Founder Bucketlist Bombshells

The work I’ve done with Giovanna has been profound. When I found myself in an emotionally challenging situation, and had consulted other health practitioners, the breakthrough work I did with Giovanna really helped me move forward. She was able to help me reframe an old traumatic pattern in such a way that I truly feel free of its grip. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to step up and achieve results.

Ariel Thomas Newman

Master Yoga Instructor

I was drawn to Giovanna’s teachings after a seminar I attended of hers. My experience at this seminar was so powerful I knew I couldn’t stop there. I was on a path that felt a little bland to me. Although it pays the bills and is actually a pretty cool path – I still knew there was something missing. Giovanna has helped me to clear out a lot of blocks in my energy. My life is already quite different than it was when I first started seeing her and I have this exciting feeling that it is only the beginning. Giovanna has helped me realize my true desires and what makes my heart sing. Thank you Giovanna for being such a powerful force in my transformation.

Lori Lemieux

Dog Trainer & Photographer

Before I coaching with Giovanna I was lacking in confidence and focus about what I could deliver and to whom. During the program, every single coaching call was an absolutely game changer! The thing that resonated the most with me was the authenticity with which Giovanna’s course was delivered.
As a result of this coaching experience I have generated more income than I ever have. With absolute confidence I recommend Giovanna Capozza as an incredible coach and mentor to anyone who has the desire to serve authentically and grow their business.

Bee Pennington

Wellness Mentor and Author

After our first session together small shifts started occurring immediately as I was getting a glimpse of my desires and began visualizing my new life in detail. Giovanna did not let me spin my usual stories, but instead held me accountable to stay in the present moment and deal with them head on. I had a bigger breakthrough in one coaching session with her around abandonment than I had in my seven years of therapy! With Giovanna’s continuing guidance I have now embarked on a new journey and career. I no longer feel stuck. I am absolutely clear on what my desires are and I am going after them full force and with purpose. Thank you so much Giovanna for showing me the way.

Simona Ksoll

Marketing Manager, Sony Entertainment

Before seeing Giovanna I felt overwhelmed and confused about the direction of my life and business. Giovanna has inspired me and guided me through my confused and overwhelmed states of mind around my personal and business life. She has helped me gain clarity and strategize my life and business efficiently and effectively. Giovanna has guided me to a level of self awareness and knowledge that had helped me grow myself both personally and in my business, to a level that I always thought I could achieve but did know how and did not feel worthy to allow. Thank you.

Ramona A Bernardi

Massage Therapist & Coach

Giovanna, I thank you for all that you do, and for helping me to gain my power back! – I now have the confidence and passion to live my dreams. THANK YOU!!

Jacqui Shugar

Nutritionist, Coach & Entrepreneur

She Rises - Giovanna Capozza

Hi I’m Giovanna

I was once stuck; 70lbs overweight, unhealthy, depressed and anxious (yes you can be both at the same time). On the outside I appeared to have it all. People saw me as intelligent, successful and strong; a natural leader. Inside however I was slowly dying. I struggled with high levels of self doubt, criticism and fear. I used all kinds of distractions not to admit how unhappy I was like over working, eating or just plain checking out whenever I got the chance. I was not connected to my Higher Self, my core presence or even my sensuality as a woman; I felt less than powerful and I was getting exhausted trying to keep up the facade. Then I discovered the work of A Course in Miracles and mindfulness practices and everything changed. I learned that to be an effective leader in life or business I needed to be connected to my heart more and then use my head. I learned to do the inside work for the outside results.

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