Ramona is a 200hr RYT, and teacher of Embodied Energy Medicine. She has studied alternative health and wellness for over 17 years. ​The time is now for all of us to come together, with our hearts ablaze from the inside out. Activating one another to ever greater levels of peace, love, joy, and connection. Having received several light initiations via deep trance meditation and diving deeply into my cellular matrix, I believe we are ready to ignite our inner diamond fires which will assist in creating a ground swell of vibrant love for this planet and each other.

We have come to depend on technology for every aspect of our lives—our social lives, work lives, and day-to-day living involves us plugging into our phones or computers. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of believing we are run by technology, when, in actuality, we still have the power to dictate how and when we employ its use. In today’s episode of She Rises, Giovanna and Ramona Bernardi discuss the importance of replacing media with silence; connecting with one’s self as opposed to connecting to technology. Tune-in to learn why staying in control of technology and its uses gives us the time and space to reflect on the matters within.

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  • Ramona is Giovanna’s soul sister
  • This weekend, Giovanna engaged in a media blackout, she silenced all her technology
    • As soon as Giovanna disconnected, she felt her breath return
    • She noticed her addiction to food and eating
    • “Boredom itself is disconnection of source”
    • How can you be bored if you’re present in the moment?
    • Giovanna challenged herself to go into the dark for 3 nights
    • Her inspiration for this came from a conversation with a friend; she wanted to connect herself to God
    • Giovanna also recognized she had a trigger point in the dark
    • The first night, Giovanna experienced panic and terror
    • Her third night was the best night for Giovanna
  • Boredom is a coping mechanism—it happens when Ramona is not stimulated
    • “Boredom is just resistance to connecting with yourself”
  • Try to put yourself in silence for a weekend
  • Giovanna shares about the book she read, The Power of Receiving
    • We cannot receiving anything unless we are in a receptive state
    • The word that came to Giovanna when she meditated was ‘receiving’
  • Ramona experienced so much transformation in the weeks her mother was away for a trip in Europe
    • Ramona learned to embrace her inner child and realized she was growing into a mother herself
    • When her mother returned, Ramona saw that she was becoming more of a woman rather than a child
  • Gift yourself space and reflection to connect to yourself and see what needs healing
  • We aren’t taught how to deal with our feelings
    • We get rewarded for suppressing the feelings
    • Learn to parent the child within
  • Ramona shares about the children’s book, How to Love Myself and Others
    • Fill yourself first, before you give to others
    • Human beings don’t have the skills to really connect with themselves, especially with all this technology and media around us
  • Ramona recognized the toxicity of social media in her life, so she disconnected
    • “It wasn’t an easy transition”
  • How can you remain IN CONTROL rather than be controlled by what’s around us?
  • A Course in Miracles teaches us how to pay close attention of when we allow the ego to take control of us
  • Ramona wants to revive the art of conversation
    • We’re losing the art of conversation as a human race
    • Pop culture is and has always been the focus of young adults’ conversations
    • Giovanna and Ramona miss the freedom of childhood, before the invasion of technology
    • Resistance to technology vs Bridging the gap with technology
    • Beyond the benefits of using technology for emergencies, what do we really need our phones for?
  • Take a breather when you can
  • Allow yourself to rest – it is YOUR right
  • Rest is the only way people can recharge to be the light that they are

3 Key Points:

  1. Give yourself the time and space to reflect and connect with yourself—this is how you can discern what needs healing in your life.
  2. Emotional intelligence is not explicitly taught to us throughout childhood.
  3. Technology can be both constructive and destructive – the result depends on us and the reasons why we use technology.

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