Shannon Confair’s journey is one of true inspiration and courage. Shannon was working in the daycare her son was attending when she encountered her first entrepreneurial opportunity—being the photographer at her boss’s friend’s wedding. From that point forward, Shannon learned what it meant to own her craft and BE the professional photographer that she wanted to be as she journeyed onward towards her dreams. Tune-in to learn how Shannon navigated her business while raising her children. She emphasizes the importance of knowing yourself, knowing your target audience, reaching out to your community, and increasing your visibility—all the things that have contributed to Shannon’s success.

  • Today’s episode guest is Shannon Confair
  • Just recently, Shannon had Giovanna on her Facebook live show where they talked about Giovanna’s work surrounding women
  • Shannon has a unique perspective seeing through a photographer’s lens
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  • Shannon was a teen mom and has been a photographer for 12 years
  • She took a different path – she worked in the daycare her son went to
  • Her boss knew she loved photography
    • She covered for her boss’ friend’s wedding because they could not afford a professional photographer
    • Her boss told her, “If you want to be a photographer, you have to call yourself a photographer”
    • The wedding was a hit and Shannon started booking business from there
  • Own and claim what you want to be
  • Shannon had two more children and continued building her business while homeschooling the kids
    • Homeschooling gave her the freedom to run her business as a mompreneur
    • Shannon realized there isn’t really any perfect balance
    • She plans her schedule in a way that everyone gets what they need
    • When it feels off, adjust and move on
    • Make priorities, have a vision and figure out the steps to make things happen
  • 7 years ago, Shannon and her family had to make a move to a new area
    • She thought her business would boom, but it fell flat
    • An online ad teaching one how to book brides was key for Shannon to take the next leap
    • The program was $250—which was a large amount for Shannon at the time
    • It was the best investment Shannon ever made for her business
    • Shannon doubled her business that year
  • After a few years, she burnt out on weddings so she dove into the online coaching world
    • Shannon booked her dream brides because she was clear enough about where she wanted to niche down
    • Knowing who you are and who you want to serve can dramatically increase your business
    • She started a brand called Wildly Successful Moms, which she never monetized and came to realize she was missing photography
    • She combined both the things that she loved; this birthed her current business model
  • Shannon, like Giovanna, also had difficulty in putting herself out there
    • Overcoming her visibility problem has allowed Shannon to help so many people
    • One of Shannon’s biggest challenges was people thinking she was a fraud
    • It wasn’t until she immersed herself with women that she realized they were all the same; they were all on a journey
    • Joining certain communities helped Giovanna to step out
    • Create better thoughts
  • Before taking a single photo, Shannon discusses the vision of her clients want and how they want to be perceived by the world
    • Shannon’s brand strategy always starts with a vision
    • She spends a day with her clients to really get to know them
    • “It’s like they finally see themselves for who they really are”
    • Giovanna prescribes a photoshoot to her clients to capture their best moments so they can remember that they ARE that person, even if they don’t feel like they are at certain times
    • Giovanna is an amateur photographer herself
    • See yourself as the beautiful person you are, regardless of whether you’ve put on weight or not
    • It’s important to have a photographer who has experience with women
    • Your weight is NOT who you are. You are not your body.
  • Shannon strongly believes that her purpose is to make a difference in this world
  • Watching people come alive by using their own gifts and talents to make a difference in the world is one thing that Shannon is very passionate about
  • The lesson that took Shannon the longest to learn is accepting the fact that she is still learning
  • Struggles might look a little different from person to person but everyone has them
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3 Key Points:

  1. Believe that you ARE the person you want to be—and it will happen!
  2. Striking the balance between who you are and who you want to serve will help you grow your business dramatically.
  3. The type of struggles may vary from person to person; but the fact is, we all have them.

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