I know about healing.

I have years of experience with thousands of clients and patients who came to depend on me to help them heal from anything from allergies to cancer. As an Alternative Medicine doctor my job was to find a different approach to healing, often when patients had tried everything else. So I thought I ‘knew’ about healing… in fact, it isn’t until very recently that I realized that all my knowledge was about supporting the body mechanically through the outside and I was missing a big piece! All my strategies were about fixing and adjusting and cleansing and… well you get where I’m going with this. While there are so many therapies to help our physical bodies, healing is not achieved by medicine, herbs or treatments alone. The deepest most lasting form of healing takes place in the mind.

We often underestimate the role the mind plays in our healing. Our higher state of consciousness has the ability to influence our health—and this is one topic that can be easily dismissed by mainstream medicine and health systems. Today, I open up about my personal journey as a healer and with my own illness. I share a personal revelation about pain and how we can REALLY heal from anything!  I explain the role of fear as it relates to sickness and how we can liberate ourselves from this fear and return to the present moment.

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  • This week, we’ll continue with the topic of healing—a very personal topic for Giovanna
  • She believes that we are all healers; part of her purpose is to awaken the healer in you
  • Giovanna is an alternative medicine doctor by trade
  • People seek to solve problems and find a solution, but it isn’t useful when it comes to a higher consciousness
  • Giovanna’s body issues from when she was younger got her on the health track early on
    • Unfortunately, she still felt something was missing
    • She felt a lot of guilt for leaving her career in health
  • There is a missing piece that isn’t talked about in our efforts for true health and healing—that missing piece is our higher self
  • Giovanna became a healer to fix herself and to fix other people, but she burnt out
  • The higher consciousness of every person is pure presence
  • You are NOT a body — you are a presence/consciousness that does not get sick
  • Your ego tends to blame or shame yourself
  • Our bodies get sick because of our thoughts and beliefs; however, only to a degree
  • The mind is powerful; your thoughts and your beliefs create your reality
  • There is only one thought that makes you sick—FEAR
    • Dwelling in the past OR having anxiety about the future will trigger that fear
  • The vital life force is the animating spirit that lives within all of us that is there to heal itself
  • There is a way to speak to your subconscious mind
  • Accessing the power of your healing is accessing the place where the future and past do not matter
  • Giovanna shares about her gallbladder problem that was caused by her stressing and attacking herself
  • Remember that there’s nothing that you need to do except BE PRESENT
  • The new way of healing for us needs to incorporate healing of the mind
  • Accepting the present moment liberates your body
  • True healing comes from remembering who you are
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3 Key Points:

  1. You are a neutral presence or consciousness that doesn’t get sick or have fear.
  2. Healing comes from within yourself.
  3. Liberate yourself by being present in the moment and free yourself from the anxieties of the past and/or future.

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Healing Yourself
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