The HeART of Sales and Coaching Group Program

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You can’t be a coach, change the world and do what you love with no clients… Am I right?

A sales conversation doesn’t have to be scary or ‘icky’
it can be the very thing that is in highest service to your potential client.

What if you could serve and sell with heart?

What Are Past Students Saying:

1929710_10153474100673155_6129623060496365212_n“If you are curious about Giovanna’s 10 week enrolment program, I am in her current one and want to tell you this: Every week, there is another layer of discovery.

The easy part is the framework.

The surprise is in the application and then discovering the many ways in which I get in the way of my own success. The blind spots. The places below the surface. The places into which deep work pokes. That’s what we do.

Today, I saw something new, and that kind of insight shifts the ground of Being. My truth and beliefs would have prevented people from paying me for the work I do, and I was unaware. So now, I get to move from an altogether new place of Being. Priceless value” – Miriam Linderman

Some time ago Rich Litvin posted (in the Evercoach Tribe on FB) about a programme Giovanna Capozza was launching called ‘The heART of the Sale’.  It spoke to me very clearly and I ended up enrolling in her programme.  

So I just wanted to shout from the Evercoach rooftops how amazing this programme is!  

I feel extremely lucky to have got myself a place in Giovanna’s group, which is all about really mastering the Prosperous Coach process.  

We are playing the 90 day Money game as a group and I’ve already made $20k of the $35k target I set myself, and we still have 5 weeks to go!  

I’m on track not only to bust my target, but also to prove to myself once and for all that:

A) I can create amazing clients and large sums of money at will  

B) I can do that more joyously, passionately and in integrity than I ever knew possible.  

Giovanna is proving to be an absolutely incredible coach, truly changing my life.

  If you’re having some success, are serious about working out the bugs in your application of the Prosperous Coach process and taking your coaching biz to a new level, then you should get in touch with Giovanna.  

Truly inspirational, life-changing, potent and exciting coaching.

Thank you Giovanna and thanks to Rich for the intro. – Matthew Cooksey

Email PhotoMy Invitation to you:

Guys, if you have ever arrived at the end of an enrollment conversation and felt the crushing gulp of fear in your stomach at the thought of communicating your offer or your price then this program is for you!

I used to get to the end of a call with a potential client and not know how to LEAD them into a committed to a HELL YES or a HELL NO… and the truth is there is no such thing as a “HELL MAYBE

Leaving a conversation this way feels icky and sticky and actually feels draining to your potential client and you. Nobody likes to live in the land of indecision.

In fact it may have them avoiding getting on the phone with you again and never signing up to work with you!

There is a way to have a powerful, structured conversation that is completely in service to the person on the phone and leave both you and them feeling committed, sure and ‘clean’ at the end.

This is about learning to release the outcome, lead powerfully and support THEM to make the best decision for THEM… not for your bottom line.

If you want to learn to lead and sell with heart then we should speak!

During this exclusive 12 week group program we will dive deeper than you ever have before into how to successfully:

  • Bring your tough client challenges to the table and improve your coaching
  • Be coached AND be THE coach live in the safety of the group and get turn up the heat on your coaching skills
  • Learn to powerfully lead a structured enrolment conversation with results that doesn’t feel salesy
  • Make powerful proposals and have ‘the money’ conversation while address your client’s fears around money and commitment
  • Develop confidence collecting “NOs” on your way to collecting BIG “YESs”
  • Receive a private 1:1 coaching session with me where we smash through your own blocks and increase your confidence and efficacy as a coach who can sell!

*This program is limited to 8 people

Next Group Begins – April 3rd 2017

3 months of deep coaching to success

To apply email:

The thing that resonated the most with me was the authenticity with which Giovanna’s course was delivered.

Bee-PenningtonBefore I joined The heART of the Sale with Giovanna I was lacking in confidence and focus about what I could deliver and to whom.
During the program, every single coaching call was an absolutely game changer! The thing that resonated the most with me was the authenticity with which Giovanna’s course was delivered. There are many coaching courses that teach you how to sell, but I’ve never seen one that coaches you on how to enroll clients when you have total clarity about the value equality in the relationship.
As a result of this coaching experience I have enrolled more clients, had more referral conversations and generated more income than I ever have. I feel the best I ever have about my coaching practice. The feedback I’ve had from my clients has been so powerful too. With absolute confidence I recommend Giovanna Capozza as an incredible coach and mentor to anyone who has the desire to serve authentically and grow their business.
Thanks Giovanna x

– Bee Pennington
Wellness Mentor and Author

I became more present and powerful with my clients.

Casandra-BryantBefore my coaching and group experience with Giovanna, I was so tied to each and every outcome of a potential client conversation, I didn’t enjoy the investment discussion, and frankly I felt I could not be bold.

After our time together, I was instantly able to alignment my ‘WHY’ and truly enjoy the discovery process with a potential client. I became more present and powerful with my clients.

I now invest more time and energy into the discovery process to develop a relationship with a prospective client because I want them to be FULLY IN when taking a step towards their own potential I’m working ideal clients for me and I love it! Together we are working on some phenomenal sh**! AND my pricing is in alignment with what I offer and allows me to coach at “that level”. I am closer to living my ideal coaches life and experiencing abundance in many areas

I would absolutely recommend Giovanna Capozza because I’ve been working with her for over a year one-on-one and have also received crazy value and connection with The heART of the Sale Group Program and its participants. I am blessed to be in the sphere of Giovanna’s world.

– Casandra Bryant
Transformational Coach

Giovanna is this incredible mix of both spiritual heart AND practical wisdom.

Matthew-CookseyI had been living the life of a ‘feast and famine’ coach. There were definitely good times when I felt prosperous, but then quickly they seemed to be followed by periods of feeling stuck and struggling financially. It was like I was trying to drive and I was bunny hopping down the road. Stop start stop start. Pretty much the whole time I hated doing ‘business development’. Then I had the ultimate ‘stop’, in that I got hit by a car and broke my back. I was lucky and recovered. I was super-lucky to meet Giovanna at exactly the time when I’d had to completely close my practice and I was starting again from scratch.

She helped me to connect deeply with something inside myself. Somehow I was able to quickly move well beyond my fears, uncertainties and shame around client creation, and by some miracle, I actually started to enjoy it. When I read in the Prosperous Coach that a coach must fall in love with the business of coaching, just as much as coaching – I got that and could see the sense in it, but having that come true for me was totally elusive. That is until I met Giovanna.

Giovanna is this incredible mix of both spiritual heart AND practical wisdom. What this means is that you feel loved, held, guided and inspired and yet pushed, challenged and called to do better. Perhaps it’s that mix of Male/Female energy that so powerfully helped me learn to live from a place of inspired, heart-felt action. I honestly cannot recommend Giovanna more highly, she has changed my life and I’ll never forget her for it!

– Matthew Cooksey
Matt coaches high-potential gay men and women to live wholehearted, authentic lives.

I absolutely recommend Giovanna Capozza because she is genuine, heartfelt…

Tanya-M-WilsonBefore my coaching and group experience with Giovanna, I was at a loss as to why I was really struggling to build a consistent counseling and coaching practice, when I was apparently ‘so good’ at what I do. Peers and clients would refer to me as successful, and turn to me for help in their own work, but I was struggling with even just earning a living from my practice. After our time together, I was instantly able to understand what was happening, and begin to create a different experience. As a result, I have just returned from a month overseas (which was just a dream at the start of the training with Giovanna), with two interstate work opportunities either side of this, AND I have just signed on two new IDEAL clients for my winter coaching packages. I absolutely recommend Giovanna Capozza because she is genuine, heartfelt and drives to the core of whatever it is that’s stopping you from being amazing! Giovanna exudes a real-ness that makes her easy to work with, AND once you begin a journey with her, prepare for true and lasting change, the type of change that your soul is yearning for!

– Tanya M Wilson
Transpersonal Psychotherapist & Coach

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