On this episode of She Rises, Host Giovanna Capozza talks about how to overcome the pressures of January and the New Year.

  • January is a month where people feel a lot of pressure and anxiety because of resolutions.
  • Most people make a New Year’s resolution and by February they’ve already failed.
  • If you’re feeling the pressure, you need to take time out of your day just to breathe.
  • Don’t create from the energy of fear.
  • When you try to rest and then you find anxiety follow three steps.
  • Step one – notice your anxiety.
  • Step two – don’t judge your anxiety.
  • Step three – take a deep breath for clarity and grounded knowingness.
  • Giovanna is organizing a women’s retreat in Bali this year.
  • Giovanna will finish her book this year.
  • List out what you have going on this year and slow down.
  • The more you get centered, calm down, and breathe, the more you’ll get done.

Tweetable Quotes

  • “With January comes a lot of pressure.”
  • “Are you feeling the pressure to perform and create?”
  • “When we get into a hurried, frenzy energy, what we do is we start creating from the energy of fear.”

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