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My Struggle & My Success

For years I have battled with my weight and self image. In fact I don’t remember a time when this was not an issue for me.

As a chubby girl I started to get bullied and as I put on more weight the bullying worsened to extreme torment. I hid inside my shell, continuing to build a protective layer of fat around myself. The peak of this struggle and the heaviest I have ever been was the year my mother died (left in photo), I was 220lbs and I didn’t know how life would go on.

I was living in a unfulfilling relationship with both myself and my partner at the time, stressed out and grieving.  It felt hopeless and my self hatred and disappointment was palpable.  In all my years of self development and spiritual training I had never been able to master my extreme weight fluctuation.

Now, nearly 7 years since my mom’s passing and 4 years since I decided to turn my life around and radically change everything that wasn’t working, and I feel 100lbs lighter in my spirit. My learning in these past few years has not only helped me start to love myself more but as a result has helped me love my body, have compassion for myself and learn to listen to my needs.

I had to understand that the weight gain extended from emotional baggage that kept me stuck; and not only understand it but accept my body for where it was. You can hate yourself thin! Once I began to accept my body and release my judgements the weight began to shift and eventually it started to fall off.

Was this difficult? Yes, at times it was a battle with my mind.  Did I stall in the process? Oh yes I did, many times. Was it all worth it? ABSOLUTELY YES!

I’ll let you in on a little secret… ready?  It’s NOT about the weight!

My dream has always been to help women stop hiding and claim their true gifts and desires. To change their lives by inspiring and teaching but more importantly to walk the journey with them.

When you finally reach a level of love for yourself and make that shift your entire world will open up!

It’s my pleasure now to share a small but powerful piece of what I did with you.  This will guide you through the same process I did, and to help you transform this area of your life.

Give yourself this gift. Make this commitment to YOU!

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