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Being a strong, independent woman is what you are… and it can be a lonely place too. 

Hi, I’m Giovanna,

I Bridge The Gap Between Success & Relationship Coaching For The Career Driven Woman

Hey there, I see you

You are powerful, accomplished & successful.

And you don’t want to settle or compromise your success or who you are for a relationship.

I know, I get it. Maybe you’re exhausted because despite all of your external success in your chosen field, you’re still feeling secretly lonely and afraid you may end up alone. Sure you don’t show the world that side. To them you can run a small country and do it with style and class. But inside you still struggle to feel enough.

Maybe you’re like a lot of the other little girls running around dressed up as grow women; afraid deep down you’re unlovable. Hiding the fact that you still feel like you’re wearing mama’s high heels, trying to pass yourself off as a grown up who feels like she’s earned the right to be where she is.

Your whole life you’ve been ambitious and focused on being significant and powerful, but somewhere along the line you thought you had to chose one or the other.

Relationship or independence. 

The fear of settling and disappointment is drowning your ability to find fulfilling partnership.

So you keep going, focussing on the areas of your life where you feel accomplished – work, friends, external signs of success.

While deep in your heart you are wondering how long you can carry on like this.

You don’t have to do this alone… 

I’m a success coach. A seeker. An author and, a healer.
More importantly, I have been where you are now. 
I healed my own heart. I help women like you do the same.  
This is my life’s work, Healing the lovesick.


noun  lovesick | \\ luhv-sick \\

A condition characterized by fear that you’ll end up alone or find evidence that you are in fact, as you suspected all along, unlovable. A fear that you’ll lose yourself in love and or pick the wrong partner again. Avoidance behaviour like over achieving, and over working and not making time for dating, can manifest as key symptoms.

Often a suffer compensates with these statements: ‘he/she is just not out there’ or ‘all the good ones have been taken’ or ‘I’m happy being single’ – all in an effort to hide their intense fear of vulnerability and not understanding what to look for. Other forms of compensation: numbing with food, alcohol, casual sex and or making more money at work, to name a few.

Everything you want is on the other side of this work:

Healthy relationships, self love and lasting happiness. 


You just have to take the first step… 


What empowered women need to know about life, health, success and healthy relationships!


Find out how I can help you become the best version of yourself in business and in relationship!


Do you suspect that despite all your hard work, you’re still standing in the way of great love and great success?

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