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You & Me, Together

Get the personalized support you need.

Let’s work together to create a totally new paradigm for success and conscious relationships that has you become more alive and more fully YOU!

I know first hand what it’s like being a career driven woman who seems to have it all going on but secretly feels like a total fraud and failure. I’ve driven myself to burnout trying to prove to myself and others that I was valuable, worthy and smart enough. In the end I paid the price quite literally, having to start from scratch financially and in business.

All the while I harboured another dirty little secret… no matter how successful I appeared on the outside, I just couldn’t get my relationships right.

I failed time and time again, choosing the wrong men and not able to understand why a fulfilling relationship kept alluding me. I say this was a secret because I was too ashamed to admit that I might be the problem. I thought that it would be proof of being unlovable, so I tried harder and harder in my career and other external successes, all to avoid the pain of not having the relationship I craved.

Now, I bridge success and relationship coaching for career driven women. You don’t need just another masculine energy, pushing and doing coaching system that screams and shouts that you’re not doing enough.

  • You sure as heck don’t want to spiritually bypass your pain anymore or only focus on your relationships as a means of fulfillment – you know this hasn’t worked.
  • You don’t want to have to pick and choose what you think you can get. You want it all.
  • You want to embrace your innate spiritual, witchy archetype as a powerful spiritual leader AND be fully alive in your feminine power to create what you want in your world. You want to achieve great things, AND give/receive love and connection and support from an amazing partner.
  • You don’t want to do things the way you have been doing them… you know that’s not working for you anymore. It’s time for a change. It’s time to learn and embrace a new way of being.

Are You Ready?

If this is you and you’re truly ready for these changes then I would like to invite you to experience a powerful coaching conversation. I will set aside up to 2 hours to help you start to breakdown the blocks and barricades that have kept you locked in the same unhealthy dynamics in your relationships and career… and YES they are related!

PLEASE NOTE: *These sessions are by application only, not all applicants can be approved for a call given the amount of applicants. Please be as detailed as possible with your submission.

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