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Hi. I’m Giovanna, Transformational Coach,

Author & Speaker


I’m so happy you’re here…

I am a master coach and spiritual teacher all rolled up into one witchy woman! In my previous life I was trained as alternative medicine doctor and as a Holistic Nutritionist; add to this all of my spiritual training, the underpinnings of life as a healer brought me to where I am today… so I can help you heal!

My passion is helping women who have had enough of the pain and endless frustration of never ever feeling like they are enough – no matter what they do. Women not owning their worth in relationships and the world has got to STOP and I want to do my part.

I help you to love the living hell out of yourself and reconnect with your true essence. In healing the wounds of lovesickness and emerging whole, happy and connected to what really matters, you learn to thrive in life and in love.

At its core, my work is for women who don’t want to play small, play from someone else’s script, and are willing to burn in the fire of their own self-exploration in order to come out gleaming.

I’m driven to do this work because I’ve been where you are. 

I’ve always a seeker, fueled by my hunger for disruption, the root cause of my insatiable desire for travel and for the next adventurous relationship, was love.

But ironically, I was driven by the doubt that I was lovable at all.

Decades of shame and self-loathing around issues with weight, compounded by heartbreaks and disappointments at the end of toxic relationships and painful endings, all to avoid settling and settling down, lead to many crises from which I might not have recovered.

Epiphanies often are born in the dark, and for me the realization that all I had done traveling the globe, seeking love from emotionally unavailable and dangerously manipulative men, was to find the grail–unconditional love, a deeply soothing connection upon which I place my highest personal value.

While my life may have looked picture perfect on the outside, inside it was another story. Here I was, a vibrant, outwardly successful woman who felt empty and broken on the inside.

I used all kinds of distractions not to admit how unhappy I was like overworking, eating or just plain checking out whenever I got the chance. I was trying so hard to fit into the mould and I was not connected to my authentic self, my core presence or even my sensuality as a woman. I felt less than powerful and I was getting exhausted trying to keep up the facade. I struggled not only to recognize my own power but to be truly seen and I spent my time fruitlessly trying to prove my value or worse yet look for it outside myself.

After my mom died I knew something needed to change. I needed to change. I made a radical decision to stop pretending I was doing the work and actually throw myself into the fire of reinvention.

I decided to start releasing all that blocked energy through deep personal work, coaching and healing therapies. I discovered the work of A Course in Miracles and started using the principles of mindfulness practices and everything began to change. I learned that to be an effective leader of your life you need to be connected to your heart more, and your head, less.

I learned to do the inside work for the outside results.

I eventually shifted my focus to work predominantly with powerful women who wanted to experience more inner peace, presence and experience more meaning.

My coaching practice was born as a result.

I’ve studied with some of the world’s most successful and influential alternative medicine and personal growth experts, coaches and trainers including working alongside Master Coach and co-author of The Prosperous Coach,  Rich Litvin, leading his signature program and live events.


I work with clients via one on one coaching, retreats and group experiences – always with the focus placed firmly on the discovery of self-love as the critical component each woman’s right to live a life that is expansive, adventurous and customizable.

My motto, “when sleeping women wake, mountains move” exemplifies my philosophy that individuals are limitless repositories of energy waiting to be directed.

And if you’re ready, I can help you do, achieve, love and create more than you ever dared hope possible. 

Let’s work together …


Let’s dive in, me and you and clear away everything standing in the way of getting the life and love you want.


A group coaching experience to heal all the things that stand in the way of having the love you crave.


If you have an event or want to create an experience, I have a message to transform, engage and inspire your audience.

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