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For this episode of She Rises, Giovanna welcomes Baljit Rayat. Baljit is a spiritual teacher who works in energetic and etheric levels to help others who want to become unstuck in their current realities. She explores an even deeper level by reading Akashic records to let people know what areas of life to focus on and improve. Keep your mind and heart open as Giovanna and Baljit dive into this unique topic and learn more about Akashic records, becoming a conscious co-creator, and being open to a universe full of possibilities.          

  • Baljit shares her past healing crisis and experience with a homeopathic doctor.  
  • Baljit discusses how she met her mentor and learned about Akashic records.
  • Giovanna defines energy medicine.
  • Baljit explains Akashic records readings and how it taps into your soul’s purpose.
  • Baljit talks about the difference between psychic readings and Akashic readings.
  • Baljit shares how realizing our universal truth in Akashic readings allows healing to occur.
  • Baljit explains what a spiritual bypass is and how it can mask the truth.
  • Giovanna talks about how emotions get trapped in your body and can cause illness.
  • Baljit discusses being a conscious co-creator instead of a subconscious co-creator.  
  • Baljit shares how Akashic readings help people from all walks of life.
  • Baljit advises to honor your boundaries by listening to your gut intuition and to be okay with saying no. 

Memorable Quotes:

  • When you’re working with Akashic records, there’s no such thing as time and space. You can heal simultaneously because our past life runs parallel to the present.
  • If you have a block—physically, mentally, emotionally—you’re not going to be able to manifest what it is you want to create.
  • When we choose to deflect our awareness, resistance happens. That resistance is suffering and where we experience pain, and we hold onto it like a security blanket.
  • You will not heal if you avoid your emotions. Connect to your body and emotions on a deeper level and allow yourself to heal.
  • Practice listening to your intuition. Create space for alignment to your actual purpose.

Resources Mentioned:

Baljit Rayat

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Recognizing Your Soul’s Purpose
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