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Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is talking to Simona Ksoll on the power of Doing the Inner Work that we all need. Simona is a Personal Mentor to Entrepreneurs & Creatives. A former Marketing Executive at Sony Pictures working on big global campaigns for blockbuster feature films like Spider-man, Django Unchained and Terminator as well as hit television shows like Breaking Bad, Outlander and Better Call Saul, Simona became a transformational coach helping her clients change what they believe about themselves so that they can confidently step into their next chapter and make their big inner vision their reality.

  • Simona dives into the subconscious and changing our belief system from an unconscious level
  • Simona talks about how changing our perspectives will change our lives
  • Simona discusses drilling down to the root of the issue and healing from there
  • Giovanna emphasizes that our beliefs create our circumstances

Memorable Quotes:

  • It is all about the root cause.
  • You can transform anything if you are willing to take a step forward.
  • When you are being called to your next level, it is easier to stay comfortable.
She Rises Podcast by Giovanna Capozza Simona Ksoll
Doing the Inner Work
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