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So long as you keep working, keep hustling, and never let up, everything will be fine, right?


So why do you feel so damn lonely?

From Lovesick To Love, Healed

An Eight Week Group Program To Transform your Relationships and give you the secret to lasting love.


Dear One

I see you

Overworking, rarely allowing yourself to take a break – or when you do, you’re constantly thinking about all the things you ‘should’ be doing. And it works, to a point. You’re successful in many areas of your life.

But you just can’t seem to get the relationship thing worked out, can you?

Maybe you’ve decided that you’re done with all that. It’s too messy and painful. Toxic drama, losing yourself, getting hurt. Enough!

You tell yourself that are no good men out there, or that you don’t have the time, it’s not a priority for you. …except

You’re lonely. You really want to believe that there is someone out there who you can relax with, love with, be yourself with and feel safe. You want that connection, that passion – but you just don’t trust yourself anymore.

Here’s the truth

It’s not about the guy (or girl) – it’s about YOU.

I’m here to lay some truth on you – You are LOVESICK – and I can teach you how to overcome this malaise and get the love you deserve. 

And when I say love, I mean in its grandest, most global sense – love yourself, love your life AND, make space for real transformational relationships.

That’s what this program will help you to do – move from lovesick, to love healed and reclaim your divine right to love and be loved.

That doesn’t mean giving up on the areas of your life where you’re successful – it means having more real love for every aspect of yourself

Humans as hard wired for love and connection. No amount of hustle or business success will take away the fact that you need and deserve rich, nourishing relationships in your life. Including romantic ones.

It’s time you learned how to really love the hell out of yourself and you life.

Because until you do, no amount of hustling and trying to ignore the loneliness will fill that empty feeling inside you.

Ready to know how more?

Lovesickness shows up in a number of ways: 

Toxic relationships and way too much drama.

Maybe things start off great but you realize you’re trying to mould yourself into what you think that person wants you to be.

Boundaries become blurred. You put up with behavior you know isn’t what you deserve and struggle to find that line between healthy compromise and emotional abuse.

You lose yourself, and obsession turns to desperation. Instead of feeling loved and safe, you feel scared and insecure.

Telling yourself you've given up on relationships

You want to feel supported but you’ve been at this rodeo so many times now with nothing to show for it but a string of disappointments that you don’t even know if it’s out there anymore.

You’re losing hope that it’s even possible.

Or if you’re in a relationship, it’s likely not a good one. At best you’re settling. But the alternatives (being alone, going ‘back out there’ single) are scary and too exhausting to even think about

Overwork and burnout

Relationships are painful so you focus on your career or business becuase you  can control that area of your life. 

AND, you’re good at it. That feeling of achievement is great. It’s not going to hurt you, cheat on you or undermine your confidence. 

But it’s out of balance – overdoing, overfocussing and neglecting the other areas of your life (like rest, self care, friendships, spirit). You lose the ablity to swich off, nurture yourself and, if you’re not careful, burnout. 

It doesn’t have to be this way


I’m here to tell you that what society tells us about love and relationships is not helping – in fact, it’s making things much harder – for everyone.

Disney princesses and toxic messages about your worth,  Hollywood images of love and romance.

We need to push them aside.

Because once we do that, once we do the work to untangle ourselves from these toxic myths about love it’s possible to completely change the story.

And FINALLY get the love and feeling of worthiness you deserve. 

What if you could…?

  • Feel confident and self assured so life is no longer one long hustle for validation. 
  • Have self esteem and self trust around men so that you can feel comfortable relating and expressing your needs without feeling like you’re going to be judged for being weak or needy.
  • Be better able to attract a man who shows up in the strength of his own masculine – who’s sensitive and supportive but also provides a container and a structure for you to feel safe enough. Someone that if you come home after being wonder woman all day, that you can be let down your armor, and  don’t feel like you has to keep doing it all.
  • Truly nurture your spirit and self so that you can find balance and fulfilment in all aspects of your life (not just work) 
  • Feel confident that in your romantic relationships you will be better able to love and be loved in a healthy way so that you can fully be you and don’t completely lose yourself in the relationship.
  • See your business and career actually starts soaring because now you’re  supported and all areas of your life.

'Lovesick To Love, Healed' Will Show You How You Can Have All Of This

Ready to join?
Amazing coach. She is insightful and incredibly talented at what she does. I would highly recommend her. Shay Orlena Brown

Co-Founder Bucketlist Bombshells

I’ve Been There

I’m Giovanna Capozza and I’ve been where you are. I experienced decades of shame and self-loathing around issues with weight, compounded by heartbreaks and disappointments at the end of toxic relationships and painful endings, all to avoid settling and settling down, lead to many crises from which I might not have recovered. 

Eventually I had the realization that all I had done traveling the globe, seeking love from emotionally unavailable and dangerously manipulative men, was to find the grail–unconditional love, a deeply soothing connection upon which I place my highest personal value. 

My work is born from this personal epiphany along with decades of study  with some of the world’s most successful and influential alternative medicine and personal growth experts, coaches and trainers including working alongside Master Coach and co-author of  The Prosperous Coach, Rich Litvin, leading his signature program and live events.

Are you in?  We begin on October 29th

Single Payment: $1111

Two Payments: 2 x $620

Giovanna is a very powerful and strong coach. She is able to quickly tap into what is really going on with people, and help them to have a different experience of life.  She is a strong leader of her own life, and vulnerable in sharing herself and her struggles in helpful ways. Thank you, Giovanna, for being you, and bringing your brilliance, genius, and awesomeness to me and the world. Kathy Murphy

Lovesick to Love, Healed is a unique, step by step program to help you heal your lovesickness and discover the true lasting happiness that comes with intimate, healthy love and connection.

Together we’ll untangle the toxic and unhelpful messages society has given you about love and lay out a path to lasting connection to your self, to others and to spirit.

This isn’t about helping you meet ‘the one’ – it’s about healing your relationship to love and showing you how to tap into the endless source of happiness and security whether you’re in a romantic couple or not.

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

You’ll Get:

8 weeks of modules

8 Live group calls with Giovanna

Recordings of all calls

Access to our private Facebook group

Recommended reading list

PDF Worksheets

By the end of the program you will have revolutionized your relationships – for life.

No more self sabotaging, burying yourself in work or numbing out on busyness.

And while the aim of the program isn’t to find true love – you may well find it’s a happy side effect! 

This is the only time Giovanna will be running this program LIVE so grab the opportunity to work with this world class coach while you can. 

Pay in Full Investment: $1111

Are you in? 

Single Payment: $1111

Two Payments: 2 x $620

Not sure if this is for you but you still want to experience great success AND a great love? Let’s chat…

Love is not just possible, but your RIGHT. Don’t let another year go by without claiming it for yourself. 

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