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Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna spends time focusing on a particular psychological aspect of relationships called the Drama Triangle. Different from an infamous love triangle, the Drama Triangle is subconscious in nature and something you need to be aware of and address in order to keep your relationships as drama-free as possible!

  • Giovanna explains “breadcrumb relationships”.
  • Giovanna breaks down the 3 parts of the Drama Triangle: Victim, Rescuer, Perpetrator.
  • Giovanna discusses how to move patterns of relating from unconscious to conscious.  
  • Giovanna talks about moving among the 3 roles but recognizing your dominant role.
  • Giovanna explains how to stop the cycle of assuming the role of victim, rescuer, or perpetrator.  
  • Giovanna emphasizes the need to recognize where your needs are not being met and to express those needs more positively.    
  • Giovanna discusses the importance of non-judgment and curiosity when trying to address and change your relationship situation

Memorable Quotes:

  • Once you recognize how you relate unconsciously, you can reprogram and reshape the way your nervous system responds to relationships.
  • Reflect on your relationships. If there’s conflict or clash, can you find which part of the Drama Triangle you’re acting out?   
  • Notice when you are in it. Name the role you are playing without judgment.
  • Take radical responsibility. 100% own your part in creating this situation and your reactions.
  • Start cultivating the practice of surrendering and letting go by asking: What can I let go of? What can I release? What can I be?     

Resources Mentioned:

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Are You Trapped in the Drama Triangle?
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