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Welcome to another episode of She Rises! A lot of people often confuse taking responsibility with taking blame, and today Giovanna explains the difference and what radical responsibility for your life really means. She shares different ways to take radical responsibility, what possibilities it will create, and the radical change you will experience!  

  • Giovanna explains the difference between responsibility and blame.
  • Giovanna discusses the nature of creating your own reality.
  • Giovanna defines radical responsibility and the choice you have for how you experience your life and events in your life.    
  • Giovanna talks about 3 benefits of taking 100% radical responsibility in your life.
    • Benefit 1: Removes you from being the victim.
    • Benefit 2: Empowers you to make the next right move.
    • Benefit 3: Increases your ability to trust yourself and your decision making in all areas of your life.  
  • Giovanna gives suggestions for how to take radical responsibility for yourself.
  • Giovanna warns about “over-responsibility” and the toxic side of taking responsibility.

Memorable Quotes:

  • We create our reality from our perception. When we have a filter over it, we experience our reality from that filter.
  • Taking 100% responsibility for your experience is the only way you can sit in the seat of your own power.
  • Step back and ask yourself: “How am I behaving now as a result of _____? Am I feeling life a victim or am I stepping into healing?”   
  • If you’re not waiting for external circumstances to change, then you’re in the driver’s seat of your life!
  • Watch yourself when you’re taking responsibility and make sure the word “should” is not in there along with shame or guilt.

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