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Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna spends time focusing on spiritual surrender and what it actually is.  She discusses the flow of life, relationships and business all come from the power decision of surrender. Listen in as Giovanna talks about setting her EGO aside and letting surrender occur.

  • Giovanna explains surrender and submission
  • Giovanna breaks down why we confuse the two
  • Giovanna discusses the energy in which we do things
  • Giovanna talks about EGO, otherwise know as Edging God Out
  • Giovanna explains how to cultivate the skill of surrender
  • Giovanna emphasizes that if you keep hitting roadblocks, there is a reason

Memorable Quotes:

  • Surrender is an innate way of being. It is the undoing of you being in control.
  • We confuse ‘Thy Will be Done’ with submission, when it is really surrender.
  • The first step in surrender is cultivating the relationship with Spirit. Asking, Who Am I? 
  • It is important to understand the energy in which we do things. The energy behind our words.
She Rises Podcast by Giovanna Capozza Giovanna Capozza
What is Spiritual Surrender?
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