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Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is talking to Dr. Heather Bartos. Join Heather Bartos, M.D. is a leading voice in the field of women’s health and wellness, combining care for the mind, body, emotions, and spirit to help women live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Fascinated by how what we think about affects how we feel, Dr. Bartos teaches women—and women’s families—how to thrive, no matter what stage of life they’re in.

  • Heather explains the five why’s and how she uses them
  • Heather talks about mind-shift medicine and how our emotions effect our physical body and health.
  • Heather discusses the shame and blame of sex we learn as children
  • Giovanna emphasizes the powerful force behind a woman’s sexual drive

Memorable Quotes:

  • We are responsible for our own pleasure.
  • Get out of your head! Orgasms are healthy! They release all that is good in the world. 
She Rises Podcast by Giovanna Capozza Dr. Heather Bartos
The Healthiest Sex of Your Life
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