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Welcome back to She Rises! Today Giovanna welcomes Danielle Macleod, Co-Founder of Remarkable Women and former Customer Service Director of Sky in the UK (leading 10,000 people).

As a Qualified Eating Psychology Coach, Certified Dare To Lead facilitator, and the author of ‘Remarkably Easy’, Danielle is dedicated to guiding women in living a life of impact and joy, whilst avoiding the perceived costs of health, relationships and wealth.

Danielle shares her perspective and wisdom on:

  • moving from a warrior attack way of living to a queen leadership way of living
  • the value of moving from convincing and dominating to compelling and inspiring
  • the principal of ruthless compassion
  • the principal of profound service
  • the principal of slowing down to speed up
  • the importance of living in masculine and feminine balance
  • being discerning where your energy goes, the tasks you take on, and the people you spend time with
  • the value of living a life you love, including the work that you do
  • creating a nurturing environment for others instead of one of attack
  • choosing impact over ego, and recognising your ego as the voice of fear and self-doubt
  • understanding that you are the asset in the equation and learning to treat yourself as valuable and deserving of nurture, care, and support
  • learning to ask ‘What would my Queen choose?” in every situation

You can learn more about Danielle and Remarkable Women here:


Remarkably Easy is available from Amazon, link below:

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