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On this episode of She Rises, host Giovanna Capozza talks with Linda Graham, author of Resilience: Powerful Practices for Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster. Giovanna and Linda discuss the power of resilience and the fact it is trainable and recoverable. The world constantly throws obstacles at us that make us feel like we will break, and today, we find power in knowing we can survive by practicing simple exercises to retrain our level of resiliency.  

  • Linda shares her definition of resiliency and different levels of disturbance.   
  • Linda discusses how people respond differently to different events at different times in their lives.  
  • Linda explains where resiliency lives in our brain and exercises to strengthen the capacity of our brain to increase our range of resilience.
  • Remembering one moment where you felt safe can activate the release of oxytocin and decrease blood pressure, which allows your body to find a sense of ease and calm.
  • Linda talks about the power of giving yourself permission to breathe in fully and exhale fully in order to reset the nervous system.  
  • When we understand something, we’re more likely to do it. When we experience the benefit, we’re more likely to repeat it and make it a new, active habit.
  • Linda discusses fight/flight/freeze responses and exercises we can do to physically change our reaction to each.
  • Linda explains how to notice the shift in your nervous system and build your response flexibility.  
  • Linda discusses the addictive quality of positive stress.
  • Linda shares the power of mindfulness and mindful movement.

Memorable Quotes:

  • We learn resilience from experience. We have the power to choose experiences now to strengthen the brain to make ourselves more resilient.
  • Little and often; small practices repeated many times is how the brain learns and rewires itself for resiliency.
  • We’re learning how to pay attention to the experience in our bodies and deciding how we want to respond and how we want to channel energy.
  • If we can relax our attention and let the brain come up with its own answers, that’s where our insights and intuitions happen.
  • Shit happens, but shift happens, too.

Resources Mentioned:

Linda Graham’s Book


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How to Be More Resilient
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