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Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is talking to Sumi Krishnan about how her artistry and activism have led her to a life where she is living her dream. Sumi is most widely known for founding and growing K4 Solutions, Inc. — a multi-million dollar government contracting company she started in college. After growing a team of more than 200 people and serving large public programs from TSA to Medicare, last year Sumi graduated from Harvard with her Masters in Public Administration. In 2019, she officially stepped down as President of K4 to pursue the dream she’s carried with her since she was a little girl: to make music & perform. Now located in Nashville, TN, Sumi is pursuing her love of singing and songwriting through the Love Revolution, a socially conscious community of people who are doing what they love, embodying love, and waging love for a better world.

  • Sumi dives into the struggle of following a path of your dreams and the expectations of the world
  • Sumi talks about what is going on with your heart and the story you have told yourself
  • Sumi discusses finding the common theme in all of your passions to create a path forward
  • Giovanna emphasizes following your passion

Memorable Quotes:

  • Follow your heart. Follow your passion.
  • Get Quiet. Receive the message. Follow the butterfly. Give yourself the permission!
  • Take the first step. Do the thing you find scary.
She Rises Podcast by Giovanna Capozza Sumi Krishnan
The Secret to Living Whole
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