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She Rises


We got a fresh new look and brand new shows!

Join me as I talk to celebrities and experts, some you know and some you don’t, about the stuff that weighs women down.

Get practical advice on everything from your health, body image, spirituality, sex, relationships and personal growth. Learn how to become the woman you always wanted to be before the ‘shoulds’ of life and career took over. Break out of your self-imposed prison and rise out of mediocrity and settling for less than you desire!

Are you ready to RISE?

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Dr. Heather McKee – Breaking Your Habits
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Giovanna talks with Dr. Heather McKee. Heather is the UK’s leading behaviour change specialist, lecturer, speaker, and consultant. Having studied behaviour change psychology for 10 years her mission is to offer an evidence based sustainable alternative to an industry saturated with quick fixes and health fads.

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Giovanna Capozza- What is Spiritual Surrender?
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For this episode of She Rises, Giovanna spends time focusing on spiritual surrender and what it actually is.  She discusses the flow of life, relationships and business all come from the power decision of surrender. Listen in as Giovanna talks about setting her EGO aside and letting surrender occur..

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Baljit Rayat – Recognizing Your Soul’s Purpose
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For this episode of She Rises, Giovanna welcomes Baljit Rayat. Baljit is a spiritual teacher who works in energetic and etheric levels to help others who want to become unstuck in their current realities. She explores an even deeper level by reading Akashic records to let people know what areas of life to focus on and improve. Keep your mind and heart open as Giovanna and Baljit dive into this unique topic and learn more about Akashic records, becoming a conscious co-creator, and being open to a universe full of possibilities.

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Giovanna Capozza- Radical Responsibility
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Welcome to another episode of She Rises! A lot of people often confuse taking responsibility with taking blame, and today Giovanna explains the difference and what radical responsibility for your life really means. She shares different ways to take radical responsibility, what possibilities it will create, and the radical change you will experience!  

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Jena Rodriguez – Are You Brave Enough?
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Welcome back for another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna talks with Jena Rodriguez. Jena has endured an incredible journey that involved transitioning from being homeless to having a great job, to a business owner, to $700k in debt and bankrupt, to now generating over $1.2M as a Brand & Business Strategist. She is well-versed in what it means to be brave and loves helping women get their brave on!

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