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An award winning speaker, rallyer of crowds and slayer of self doubt.

A dynamic, funny speaker, women’s advocate, author and relationship coach.

If you want a powerful speaker and motivator to keynote your conference, inspire up your audience (delegates or team), propel them to greatness, help them to overcome their lovesickness, and claim their health and happiness as the LEADERS that they are, then I’m ready.

Watch my award winning speech from the 2018 Speaker Slam competition

I’m an award winning inspirational speaker and my passion is speaking to the hearts and minds of women, encouraging to get out of their own way, put guilt and societal expectations to one side and rise.

I consider myself a modern day medicine woman blending science with ‘practical magic’. I’m a world traveler and while on the journey to find myself I discovered my life’s purpose.

I have an extensive background in alternative medicine, personal and spiritual development; I have been a coach for high achieving women for over 10 years. I take a whole-istic approach to life and coaching.

My own story of being trapped by cultural and societal molds then finally breaking through; lead me to advocate for women and their right to fulfillment and health in every area of their life. These women seem to others to have achieved it all but feel unsatisfied and uninspired. They struggle with guilt and shame for wanting more.

I realized that the most powerful change agent for these women was a term I later coined as ‘radical responsibility’ – because our most powerful tool for self-realization and joyful living is being an advocate for your own life on your terms. If you’re waiting around for external circumstances or other people to change or someone to save you – look in the mirror.

“When sleeping women wake, mountains move.

You’ve achieved everything along the goal line of life. You’ve checked all the ‘shoulds’ off your list, but you still feel anxious, unfulfilled, dissatisfied and alone. On top of this you feel guilt and shame for wanting more.

That stops today, it’s time to wake up to life on the soul line; free and full of meaning and purpose. This is the end of mediocrity.”

– Giovanna Capozza

Susan Baker, Holistic Nutritionist, North Toronto Healthy Living Events

Giovanna is a fantastic blend of holistic wisdom and ‘modern day’ practicality! She presents insight and information that is relatable, empowering and actionable. Listening to her at the front of a room feels just the same as having a 1:1 conversation with her; she is down-to-earth, accessible and real. I love hearing her speak!

Josephine Auciello Event Creator, Moderator & Coach

“It was an honor to have Giovanna Capozza as one of our speakers at The Gracefully Fierce- Woman’s Day of Empowerment event for Dynamo Entrepreneur in 2015. Giovanna has the rare ability to hold space for a large number of people while at the same time giving each woman an individual experience as if she were the only one in the room, as though she were having a conversation with Giovanna.

She is a powerful speaker and feminine leader.”


Some of the subjects Giovanna loves to share:

  • Everything is Relationship and Relationships Are Everything – What the cycle of relationships can teach you.  (self, source and other)
  • Love Addiction & Lovesick – How Smart Women Fail at Love
  • The Real Source of Your BurnOut Will Surprise You – How Spiritual Burnout is the Root
  • Why You Get Anxious in Love – Attachment Theory and the Cure

If you would like Giovanna to speak at your next event, or have her as a guest on your podcast, contact us using this form:


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