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Today on SheRises, Giovanna welcomes Laura Tucker, leadership coach, transformational speaker, and the host of the Free Your Inner Guru® Podcast. As a survivor of the fatal 2009 Sedona Sweat Lodge, Laura is committed to transforming the self-help industry and to ensure that self-help is conducted in a truly safe and empowering way.

  • the good and bad of the self-help industry
  • the importance of going within for answers and trusting yourself
  • how your inner wisdom is not always easy or simple to access
  • the value of sharing your own words instead of those of others
  • the love/hate relationship with self-help in the coaching industry
  • the search for your own inner guru
  • the value of conscious active self-care versus passive self-care
  • the importance of being a healthy sceptic
  • recognising when your intuition is operating through a filter
  • how what you respond to in someone else is a reflection of yourself, good or bad
  • how there is no cookie-cutter shortcut or magic bullet and that life is about the experience

To access Laura’s Free Your Inner Guru Guidebook, go to:

You can learn more about Laura Tucker at:

She Rises Podcast by Giovanna Capozza Laura Tucker
The Ugly Side of Self-Help
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