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Hey, everyone, welcome back to another episode of She Rises. I’m your host, Giovanna Capozza, and today I’m here with a pretty special announcement, a little emotional announcement, actually, and that is with regards to this show.

On March 8th of this year, 2020, on International Women’s Day, She Rises had its four-year anniversary, and man, oh, man, when I think about that, it just feels like it feels like it was ten years ago. It has been four amazing years on this show.

It had me really look back and reflect. In fact, I’ve been reflecting on this show since the holidays, since just before the holidays, actually, on what I want for the show, where I want it to go next. What guests I want to have on and what I want to do with the show, and really what I want to do with my work and my message.

Last year was a big year for me. It was a big year of soul searching, so as I approached the four-year anniversary of the show, I really got to reflecting even more and more. And I made a decision over the holidays that I hadn’t yet announced on the show, partly because I thought, well, maybe I’ll change my mind, and the other part was because sometimes it’s really hard to let things go.

You may or may not have guessed so far that what I’m about to announce is that She Rises will be completing for the spring season on this show. In fact, this is our very last show. Now, four years ago, just last week before this show airs, on International Women’s Day, was the launch of She Rises. And I had started doing the planning the December prior.

It was sort of interesting on the timing of when I got the intuitive hit and really the guidance that it was time to move on from the show, was the exact same time of year, four years later, that I had the idea and the intuition to start the show. It was quite interesting. The timing was quite interesting.

Again, it had me really reflect back on four years, and where was I four years ago? Well, four years ago I was living in San Diego. I was working with Rich Litvin, who is the co-author of The Prosperous Coach. I had just moved to San Diego, actually, having lived in Santa Barbara for a year and a half prior to that.

And I had set off on a month-long Mexican vacation because I had been so, so stressed. In fact, I was battling the very same autoimmune things and adrenal fatigue that have come up for me recently. For those of you that follow me on social media, you’ve read a little bit about what’s been going on with my health and stuff I’ve been battling with, and that was up for me then, too.

I needed a break, so I had gone away to Mexico for a month. That’s my happy place. I had this intuition and I knew that I wanted to start something. I knew that I needed to use my voice and that I loved having conversations with people.

In fact, I love the fact that in the last four years, with the excuse of the podcast, I have had amazing conversations with some people that have been mentors of mine, people that I’ve followed and admired, authors of books that I’ve read and just really enjoyed. It’s been such a privilege to have this as a backdrop.

Four years ago, when I thought about this concept, really it was about, well, how can I use my voice? How could I facilitate and have these amazing conversations with people? And then how can I do it in such a way that I share it with people so that they, too, can get a little bit of education and a little bit of insight on their own lives?

In fact, prior to starting the podcast and to this day, I am a podcast junkie. I don’t know if that’s because I’m a Gemini and I love learning all the time, but I am just such a geek. I like geek out on topics and nerd out on things all the time, and podcasts to me are such an amazing way that we can do that.

We can learn. We can learn from our greatest mentors. We can learn from people we’ve never heard of before. It’s such a great tool for delivering messages, and again, education. With that, I decided I wanted to dive into the podcast pool myself, and I decided I’d start this podcast.

It’s interesting because a lot of people have asked me where the name came from, and the name actually came to me in meditation. But even before then, the peacock for me, which is the modern-day representation of the mythological phoenix, has always been a totem animal for me.

There was this idea of reinvention. In fact, this is a theme in my life and many of the lives of my listeners, of reinvention. Getting to a point where whether it’s life experiences, traumas, heartache, whatever you might have it that is really burned you down to the ash, that allows you to rebuild yourself back up again.

I had had so many of those experiences, it felt like, up until at that time I was 40 or just before turning 40, that it really felt apropos to me to name the podcast She Rises, coupled with the fact that many of the women that I serve also have those same experiences.

And so, the name She Rises came to me and it became the show title, it became the show theme, and it really became the space that I wanted to come from in the show. I set off on this journey and I didn’t know how long it was going to last. I didn’t know that it was going to be a year and if it was going to be two. It’s been four years.

As the holidays approached and I started to really check in with myself, and get the intuition that it was time to complete this particular creative project, to make room for something new and different and bigger, there was some bitter sweetness to it. I have to say, it was kind of like letting go of a baby.

There will be another podcast to come for sure. There will be other shows and other ways that I interact with all of you. But it did become very clear that this particular creative venture was coming to an end and it was time to close it.

I wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. For those of you that have listened regularly, for those of you that have emailed me and commented on the show, that have sent me Facebook messages and Instagram messages, that have shared the show with your friends, for all of you that have been here this whole time listening.

I just want to say thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s really tough when you do a show like this because really your voice goes out into the ethers. It goes out into the interwebs. You don’t know who’s listening. You don’t know if it’s providing service. You don’t know if it’s impacting people in the way that you want it to. It’s really like really speaking out into the void.

That can be tough and it can be challenging when you don’t have the feedback, so especially for those of you that have loved it and have written me to tell me so, I so appreciate you, and those of you that have been sharing it the same. I couldn’t be doing this continually without that feedback.

In fact, if I didn’t get any feedback in the first year, I may have quit. The fact that the show’s gone on for four, it’s just been more and more inspiring for me to bring more and more of these stories to service you more and to really, hopefully, like I said, create that impact in your life, because that’s what podcasts do for me.

They create impact, they educate me, and they inspire me. In fact, up until recently when I did the re-brand on the podcast, my three totem words that have followed me around everywhere are educate, inspire, and empower. I still live by all three of those words, whether it was in my previous iteration as an alternative medicine doctor or whether it’s been now in the last seven years of coaching.

I am making my foray back into the wellness sphere very soon. Actually, there’s amazing new things coming your way, and likely my new podcast will be based around that. But as of now, I just want to say thank you again. Thank you for being here. Thank you for listening.

The podcast and all the shows will still be available at or You can have a listen to them there and still continue to share them with your friends. In the meantime, I just want to say, if you’re not already on my list or following me on Instagram, please do so on Instagram. You can find me at giovanna_capozza.

You can head on over to my podcast website,, which also links to my main website, which is, and you can get on the list there and continue following to see what’s next. And again, big, big, thank you for being here. I so appreciate you.

Until we meet again, I want to sign off for the very, very last time as the host of She Rises podcast.

So much love

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