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Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna talks the spectrum of Love Sick.  Love sickness is simply a lack of love somewhere in our lives, this could be romantic love, but doesn’t need to be. Often if we are trying to fill a void on the inside, we are more comfortable looking for that love on the outside, this is love sick.

  • Giovanna explains Love Sick
  • Giovanna talks about how we are all some where on the spectrum
  • Giovanna discusses how we experience attachment energy
  • Giovanna emphasizes that we are not at fault for our love addiction
  • Giovanna explains the paths to recovery

Memorable Quotes:

  • We compensate with fantasy to escape the pain of the real world relationships we are in.
  • When we go into manorexia, we shut ourselves off from romantic love, to control the situation. This doesn’t fulfill us, we still come up dry.
  • What are you risking for love?
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Where are you on the spectrum?
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