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Let’s create a totally new paradigm for successful living to uplift and support you in every area of your life, business and relationships. Leadership from the inside out…

Work With Giovanna

From everyday successful men and women in business and entrepreneurs, to world class athletes, authors, actors and leaders from around the world the one thing all the people I work with have in common is this: as accomplished as they are and others see them, they are overwhelmed by a sense that they are not living a life of meaning and purpose. They are white-knuckling it through life, work and relationships and feeling increasingly dissatisfied with no end in sight.

To add insult to injury they judge themselves and feel shame for being unfulfilled and wanting more from their lives. Sound familiar?

Maybe you’re experiencing:

  • Crippling self-doubt or lack of clarity
  • Being stuck in an unhealthy or unfulfilling relationship or career
  • Chronic self-criticism or over thinking
  • Exhaustion or burn-out by end of day or week
  • Chronic states of anxiety and overwhelm
  • Boredom, lack of inspiration with life or work
  • Self-sabotaging and falling into old unhealthy habits
  • Frustration, you achieved what you wanted but you’re still not happy
  • That nagging feeling that you’re settling for less

Throughout our time together you will learn to:


  • Become a more powerful influencer and leader
  • Gain mastery over difficult emotions like anger and fear
  • Experience deeper levels of fulfillment and peace
  • Learn to BE more and DO less
  • Develope a powerful presence that creates and draws in opportunities and others with ease
  • Access greater creativity and connection to your Self
  • Improve your relationships to find more peace in them
  • Master effective communication
  • Decrease stress and stress-related illness and dis-ease
  • Create a business and life that is an embodiment of your values

Find how the marriage of emotional intelligence (EQ) and spiritual intelligence (SQ) can help you become a more powerful, present leader, both at home and at work!

If this is you and you’re truly ready for these changes then I would like to invite you to experience a powerful coaching conversation.

I will set aside up to 2 hours to help you begin the process designing the life that you’re
TRULY meant to be living.

Let's Get Started

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